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25 March 2005

What We Know Now

Time For Action, Jeb, Now!

Here's what we know now:

---Jeb Bush needs to personally take action, NOW. By that I mean head down to the facility himself with water for Terri. Let's see the police arrest the governor the way they've put these 10-year-olds in cuffs the last few days.

---It doesn't matter if 99% of the American people want Terri Schiavo dead. Tyranny of the majority is still tyranny. It's not about polls, it's about right and wrong.

---Police officers arresting children with glasses of water may be following orders but they're no better than the criminals they would ordinarily be pursuing. When your superiors are demanding that you aid and abet state-sponsored murder, you have no choice but to refuse to carry out such demands.

---If liberals can truly feel good about themselves after Terri's death, then I hope they do leave this country once and for all. What makes them feel especially good? Knowing they still control the judiciary.


  • "Let's see the police arrest the governor the way they've put these 10-year-olds in cuffs the last few days."

    They'd have to. Due process of law. The law IS the law.

    Translation: The law is meant to apply to everyone, folks. Not just the cases the media chooses to hype or the average citizen, but also to cases the media ignores and the powerful.

    This is a horrible tragedy, the Schavio case, but the woman must be allowed to pass on - even in this despicable, horrible way that I despise. There simply has to be a better way than this!!

    That said, gov't CANNOT be asked to save all the people all the time. In a democracy, gov't is constrained by law.

    What appears to be needed is a law that would have transferred guardianship in these extreme cases to the state rather than the parents or the former Mr. Schavio. Worth considering if that's what we want to do - keep people in Terri's horrible state alive - eh? That would guarantee health care for them from the gov't.

    That said, let me also close w/ this: This is a 5-star blog and I will come back. I'm not criticizing Brian - who I agree w/ 99.99% of the time, I'm criticizing the viewpoint that gov't should invade this person's life for the heck of it w/o due process of law.

    By Blogger Josef, at 25 March, 2005 19:37  

  • Josef:

    No need to agree with me to post here.

    My point is, let them arrest Jeb. He needs to put it all on the line, to draw attention to the real issues. Many people are opposed to saving Terri because they've had an inaccurate picture painted of her condition.

    Jeb needs to say: this is worth laying it all on the line.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 25 March, 2005 20:47  

  • Brian;

    Thanks. In that case, since THAT happens to be my style (throttle to the wall, screw the polls, courage counts, etc.) - he should do it. Then lay out in court why he did what he did.

    At least he'll get his POV a day in court...

    By Blogger Josef, at 25 March, 2005 21:19  

  • The issue of Governor Bush using his executive power in this case as it relates to broader jurisprudential issues is discussed in-depth at American Demos, definitely check it out.

    By Anonymous Don Samuels, at 26 March, 2005 18:06  

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