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06 April 2005

University's Image Again Takes Beating


With Violent, Anti-American Tantrum, Brats Ruin Job Fair

Glossy and improbable
fantasies of a bright future for the University of Santa Cruz filled the annual alumni magazine I received in the mail today. Despite my best efforts to evade these lunatics over the years, they always seem to find me, delivering more of their PR dishonesty in hopes I'll send them money.

Yes, the perpetually-troubled UC-Santa Cruz campus (known as Uncle Charlie's Summer Camp by its more realistic students) wants donations so it can continue bratty, emotional, political "activism", hire campus leaders with sleazy, outrageous pay packages and overrun the city below with hordes of SUV-driving hippie-crites with leftist bumper stickers.

It's long been known as a dumping ground for spoiled children from high-income family backgrounds in Southern California's suburbs. The student mix has changed slightly for the better in recent years, but not enough to save its reputation as the ultimate left-wing boarding school.

While recently there has been an attempt to clean up the university's image, a particular hope of Santa Cruz County residents tired of being dragged down by constant embarrassments emanating from the "city on a hill", it hasn't worked.

Instead, UCSC seems to be in a race with Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, to see which can make national news for more dubious reasons.

I can thank UCSC for this: it was there I realized the conservative road was the best to take, after observing what went on in the name of liberalism on campus. Just months after graduation, I began working on my first Republican political campaign.

The constant nuttiness there fueled my first several years in talk radio as well, where it played to receptive audiences in Santa Cruz, Monterey, Salinas and Carmel, all fed up with the taxpayer-funded campus.

Today's Santa Cruz Sentinel reports on an especially disturbing campus protest against military recruiters during a Stevenson College job fair. It may put to shame the recent outburst at Seattle Central Community College in that city's basket-case filled Capitol Hill District.

Yet again it's the Sentinel's Jondi Gumz reporting the details of the latest campus controversy:

(Santa Cruz Sentinel- Jondi Gumz- 6 April 2005)

But more than 200 student anti-war protesters got there first, storming the Stevenson Event Center, shouting and banging on windows and demanding that military recruiters in the corner of the room leave.

The noisy sit-in ended after an hour of chaos and tension when military representatives vacated their posts. Student protesters hugged each other happily after administrators allowed them to hand out information on alternatives to military careers and agreed to a meeting to discuss future job fairs.

Barbara Bedford, director of UCSC’s Career Center, said UCSC complies with a 1995 federal law called the Solomon amendment, which denies federal funding to universities that bar military recruiters from campus.

One of the protest leaders contended UCSC should follow the lead of Harvard Law School, which banned military recruiters after a federal appeals court in Philadelphia invalidated the law. The U.S. Justice Department has announced plans to appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

UCSC administrators stepped up security at the job fair, hoping to avert a confrontation. Students had to present identification at the door and reporters asking to enter were screened.

That didn’t stop the student protesters. About 75 of them pushed their way in, carrying signs and a banner that said "Military Off Our Campus." They chanted, "Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay. Hey, recruiters, go away."

What's especially disturbing is that the brat mob ruined a rare job fair opportunity, for hard working students looking for future careers, something the screamers obviously aren't too worried about. It's always been hard to get companies to recruit on campus because of the school's flaky and unmotivated reputation.

Worse, based on my experiences and what students were heard shouting, it's clear emotions, rather than intellect, was at work. As an undergrad, I saw anti-war protestors block nearby highways and shout the same asinine "hey hey ho ho" slogans. It's never been a movement that let facts or substance get in the way.

This, of course, comes on the heels of the scandal involving the massive pay package for new UCSC Chancellor Denice Denton and her partner, hired at the same time with her own stratospheric compensation deal.

They may be Seattle's most notorious exports since Starbucks first introduced frosted maple nut scones to millions of unassuming Americans.

And in the alumni "spin" magazine, liberal grads are recognized, but the university routinely pretends conservatives never attended (or dared to teach at) the place. In this issue, a rare mention of Republican US Rep. John Doolittle, was downright shocking.

Ask Ben Stein what his years at Porter College were like, if you ever get the chance. He'll give you an earful about liberal anti-Semites that virtually ran him off campus for supporting Nixon.

The big question is when Arnold is going to get to work cleaning up the University of California system, so it can once again be a source of pride, rather than shame.

Michelle Malkin, Urban Grounds, UNCoRRELATED, and Outside The Beltway are all covering this story in-depth.


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