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07 May 2005

Great For A Cold, Wet Nor'eastah Weekend

Blog Reading Is Fundamental

--- UC-Santa Cruz's
most infamous class ever, was Porter College's 1970s-era "chicken course", where the entire quarter was spent learning learning about Clucky and his fowl friends. Ben Stein was a Porter professor around that time, but let's hope to God, he had nothing to do with their dubious "chicken studies" program.

I mention this because our buddy Matt, of Rosenblog fame, has a chicken recipe contest he'd like to draw attention to. Since he writes about Santa Cruz so often, it was the first thing that entered my mind. But this has to do with "International Respect For Chickens Day" celebrations occuring around the globe.

After a link from Michelle Malkin, he's had a number of responses, but maybe there's a Radio Equalizer reader or two that could help as well. Wasn't the Malkin-lanche enough publicity, Matt?

The winner gets a tape of songs about chicken or chickens. Did Matt secretly attend UC-Santa Cruz?

--- Lance at Red State Rant is the proud father of a third baby girl, born Thursday and named Rebecca, but somehow still managed to keep his site up-to-date. Something tells me he's skipping out on nappy duty.

Now that's dedication and worth a visit to the site, where there's an item about the fate of a marine whose shooting of an insurgent was caught on camera, leading to charges against him.

--- Mark Noonan at GOPBloggers has a unique take on the dollar cost of political correctness for American industries. Very interesting.

--- BlogRhodeIsland is all over the Harry Reid nasty name-calling incident with the President. Who warned you first about Senator Reid? I did, in December!

--- BarkingMoonbatEarlyWarningSystem has the story of the student busted for taking a mobile call from mum in Iraq. This site is amazingly funny every time, though this item is not.

--- RightFromLeft has thoughts on Tony Blair and RINOs.


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