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07 June 2005

Filling In Tonight

Radio Alert

I'm filling in for Rusty Humphries on the Talk Radio Network tonight, at 9pm EDT/ 6pm PDT. WDBO streams the show after 10p (7p PDT).

More talk radio and other updates coming Wednesday, check back here!


  • Tuning in now...thanks for the heads up and congrats on the mike time!


    By Anonymous USMC_Vet, at 07 June, 2005 22:23  

  • Wow. I wish my station cleared the Rusty Humphries show. Because, if it did, I would call the syndicator and cancel immeditaely.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 June, 2005 22:36  

  • First off, to Anon: Wait...and you will see your job (if you do work in radio) fall to automation. That is my curse, the curse of the former DJ.

    Brian: WDBO was not streaming Rusty's I couldn't year ya.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 07 June, 2005 23:09  

  • I tried for more than an hour, but all they were streaming were excruciating ads....

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 07 June, 2005 23:18  

  • Hey guys, sorry, thought WDBO would have the audio.

    Brian Maloney

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 June, 2005 00:04  

  • Anon:

    Sad you can't cancel a show you don't carry. What's the world coming to?

    Brian Maloney

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 June, 2005 00:05  

  • Where did Brian go? You said you woould post yesterday ( wed ) hope you are O.K. wherever you are.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 June, 2005 12:25  

  • Your comments last night regarding immigration from Latin American countries were wrong. There are several issues that you have failed to address and that building a 'tortilla curtain' on the border with Mexico show a lack of understanding on what is happening down here.

    1. Most late immigrants to the U.S. have been seen in a poor light as they undercut wages, live in poor standards etc.

    2. Many first-generation immigrants who do not speak English as their first language do not speak it but see that their children do.

    3. A difference between Mexican and other Latin immigrants is that their first homes are next to the U.S. and not seperated by an ocean and slower travel as previous generations.

    4. Previous generations of immigrants would send money to family in the 'old country' to assist them.

    5. Latins probablly steal no more than any other workers on job sites. Especially if they are not being cheated and oppressed by them because the are not legal and therefore in fear of being deported.

    6. If those in the U.S. were given amnesty they would be able to compete with American workers on fair footing and their attractability would decrease as choices for workers (all other things being equal).

    7. I saw many Viva Bush bumper stickers in my home state. The latin vote has been swinging towards the Republican side in the last elections and to now create laws that alienate this block may be the difference in another closely contested election. New Mexico (although only a small state) was in the position to provide much needed electoral votes in the last two elections.

    Think about it....

    I think you need to reconsider you comments made last night on the new immigration bill in congress.

    Taylor Payne

    By Blogger Vearle, at 03 January, 2006 12:33  

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