The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

01 July 2005

Radio Alert: Friday July 1

Radio Alert: Tonight

I'll be filling in for syndicated Talk Radio Network host Rusty Humphries, Friday July 1, from 9pm-midnight EDT.

Check back here for some of the stations that carry the show.

New ratings updates below.


  • Greetings from socialist Canada (Cannuckistan)... Was just listening to you cover for Rusty. You're doing a great job. Blasted through your content and loved it... will be adding it to my blogroll when I update it tomorrow... Have a good evening and keep up the good work.


    By Blogger Richard, at 02 July, 2005 00:50  

  • Hey Brian, heard you on my not-yet-legal XM radio last night on replay loved the show, any chance of you getting your own timeslot on XM?

    I agree with you completly that Live 8 was nothing more than a good concert and if Bono and Geldoff were serious about making things better in Africa they would put the pressure on the likes of Mobutu, Mugabe, and Ahmad al-BASHIR.

    By Anonymous Brent Colbert, at 04 July, 2005 12:56  

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