The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

25 January 2006

Andre Arthur, David Lee Roth, Glenn Beck, Phoenix, Boston


Radio Host Parliament-Bound, Selective Reporting, More

As the Radio Equalizer first mentioned last night, voters in Quebec City have presented an interesting twist to Canada's election results, by sending a well-known independent conservative radio host to Ottawa.

Challenging Canada's many politically correct free speech restrictions, particularly over the airwaves, former CHOI-FM host Andre Arthur has faced lawsuits, troubles with the federal CRTC (Canadian version of the FCC) and his own removal from the radio.

In the Canadian House Of Commons, Arthur promises to be every bit as outspoken as he was during his talk show, living up to his "King Arthur" nickname. Voters will most likely expect it.

From CBC News:

Arthur told CBC News that he is ready to be a "common-sense" voice for his constituents in Ottawa.

"I think it's quite a challenge, and I think that all things considered, this is quite fun," the 62-year-old said.

In 2004, he was included in the reasoning for the CRTC's decision to deny the licence renewal of radio station CHOI-FM. The CRTC cited offensive on-air remarks, including Arthur's statement that international students at Laval University were the children of wealthy "plunderers" and "cannibals" from the Third World.

After the results were announced Monday evening, the federalist Arthur told reporters he would not censor himself just because he was headed to the House of Commons.

In addition to his duties as an MP, Arthur said he also plans to keep his job as a part-time bus driver and may even look for another gig in radio.

"I think that any member of Parliament should have a real job," he told CBC News. "Maybe if they all had a real job, they would less sound like Martians when we listen to them."

Something tells the Radio Equalizer King Arthur will be a hit with taxpayers and voters, whether or not he makes many friends in Ottawa.

Speaking of the
Canadian elections, how's this for a coup? Here's blogger Brent Colbert and daughter Jenny with Prime Minister-Elect Stephen Harper, making the Reuters wire. Colbert is clapping and wearing the blue jacket in the background.

Great work, guys, must have been an exciting night!

Why is it some kind of scandal to the New York Daily News that David Lee Roth is tough to work with and a poor performer? What did anyone really expect?

From Lloyd Grove's latest column:

"This guy [Roth] is impossible to work with. A real arrogant, self-righteous a-," says a Lowdown spy. "All the execs know they made the two biggest errors in radio history - letting Stern go to Sirius and hiring this moron Roth. He never preps for a show. He is out the door five minutes after the show, unless he is 'forced' to record a commercial or re-record ones he made errors on."

According to the anti-Roth faction, he demanded that general manager Tom Chiusano do expensive renovations on Stern's old studio, then refused to use it, claiming asbestos infestation. He ripped down the walls of a temporary studio because of suspected dust behind the walls.

"He swears he is allergic to dust and smoke, but smells like an ashtray," says the spy.

The source also says Roth's manager got into a shouting match with program director Mark Chernoff on one of the first few days of the show. Then, the spy says, "Roth insisted on decorating the halls and studios, and then he had a moving company come in and remove dozens of pictures and his fake palm trees while he mumbled about Tom and the bastards at Infinity," he said.

Great Lloyd, now that you've exposed CBS Radio, why the ongoing kid gloves for Al Franken and Air America?

Brian at TVNewser seems to be hearing too much corporate spin about radio host Glenn Beck's potential at CNN-Headline News. He may be right about that, but the proof will be in Beck's ratings.

RadioDailyNews has confirmed Air America's flagship WLIB has in fact dumped its own Mike Malloy in favor of ABC's fluffy "Satellite Sisters". ABC is said to be paying Air America for the airtime, while Malloy continues on in other markets.

Some trade publications were led to believe Inner City Broadcasting, owner of WLIB, was retaking the hours for Caribbean programming. Not so, it turns out.

The fate of Air America in Phoenix continues to be a real question mark. MSNBC has the latest.

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