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21 May 2006

Cape And Islands, Nantucket Film Festival, Al Franken: God Spoke


Once Again, It's Franken Vs. The Kids

What exactly does Al Franken have against the Boys & Girls Clubs of America?

Wherever Stuart goes, it seems, the kids come second! As this one's a laff riot, you may not need your Sunday comics section today.

Last year, as you might recall, the Radio Equalizer and Michelle Malkin helped to expose Air America Radio's sleazy funds transfer scandal, where $875,000 in taxpayer grant money was diverted from the Bronx- based Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club to the liberal talk radio network.

Since then, the club has been forced to shut down and a city investigation remains open.

While Franken never appeared directly involved, compelling evidence did emerge that just as the struggling company was determining how to repay it before the scandal became public, he successfully pushed for a huge compensation increase.

By obtaining a notarized document, Malkin and the Radio Equalizer were able to prove that Franken was at least aware of the situation during this time.

Because Al's salary has always represented a major element of Air America's budget, it is very likely that Gloria Wise money went to cover at least some of his compensation.

While there's no swindle this time, at the very least, it's good for a head- shaking Sunday funny.

From the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror:

On opening night of the 11th Annual Nantucket Film Festival June 14, the Dreamland Theater’s doors will be closed. A building permit snafu with the town caused festival organizers to seek another venue for its largest screenings and events, and they found one in the Nantucket High School auditorium.

“We’re disappointed in so many ways in not being able to use the Dreamland, because to me that has always been the heart of the festival, and it is right smack in the center of town,” festival executive director Jill Burkhart said last week.

“But I think the high school will work. It’ll certainly accommodate more people.”

In addition to being the site for the Saturday and Sunday staged readings, the auditorium will be the venue for the opening and closing films. The documentary “Al Franken: God Spoke,” will open the festival, with the liberal commentator and comedian himself scheduled to attend.

Screenings at the high school and church will be shown on video tape, due to a lack of film projection capabilities at both venues. Screenings at the Casino will be on film.

The opening film will start at 8 p.m., a little later than usual, because the auditorium had already been booked by the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club for its annual awards ceremony. The club moved their program ahead by half an hour to accommodate the festival’s needs.

However minor this time, what were the odds of Franken having another run-in with the Boys & Girls Club?

And if the Nantucket club had any idea of Franken's past history with their organization, would they be so happy to accommodate a showing of his film?

To the children of Cape Cod and the Islands, fair warning: hang on to your piggy banks. Al and friends are on their way!

By the way, your Radio Equalizer is often asked about the status of the Gloria Wise investigation.

In recent months, we've been unable to obtain additional information from the New York City Department of Investigation, but the case seems far from closed. As always, we'll continue to follow the latest developments.

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  • Brian,

    On this past Friday's show, Janeane Garafalo announces she was leaving AAR, and that she hadn't been on the payroll for a while, which is fitting considering she hardly ever showed up for work.

    Another rat jumping off a sinking ship.

    By Blogger Brett, at 21 May, 2006 11:52  

  • Brian,

    This is the single dumbest post you've ever had, and that is saying something. It is mostly a rehash of (very) old news, with the only new tidbit being that a B&G Club moved up its awards ceremony by 30 minutes to accomodate a different event. Stop the presses...

    By Blogger Justin, at 22 May, 2006 08:28  

  • Brian wrote:
    "By obtaining a notarized document, Malkin and the Radio Equalizer were able to prove that Franken was at least aware of the situation during this time."

    This is of course baloney, but hey that's Brian's middle name. Fact is that, as Franken has stated, he became an involuntary investor for Air American because at the time they were unable to pay him his salary. To make that legal, he obviously had to sign a legal document that shows he relinquished any claim to it.

    Brian purports that the pdf file is composed of a single document and that if Franken's signature appears in that file, that he knew about the Gloria Wise situation. That is pure bunk of course, as any number of pages can be scanned an stored in a pdf file. The is no proof that Franken ever saw the other pages in this file, in fact there is evidence that he didn't. On the top of page 29, there is indication that this page was FAXed from Latham & Wilkins LLP. This is the only page of the 61 page file that has these markings.

    I've saved the so called settlement document and it is HERE. (pdf)

    By Blogger pbrauer, at 22 May, 2006 16:54  

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