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07 June 2006

KFBK Sacramento, Mark Williams, Rush Limbaugh


Groups, SF Host Call Attention To Possible Funny Business

Has ongoing support for America's involvement in Iraq cost a Sacramento talker his job?

After the termination of longtime conservative KFBK / Sacramento host Mark Williams (top right photo), that's what several political groups, as well as a prominent San Francisco talker, seem to be suggesting.

Though "budget cuts" were originally cited as the reason for his departure, Williams was quickly replaced by an outspoken liberal, sparking suspicions about the real motivations behind the move.

Because his replacement is said to be adamantly opposed to American actions in Iraq, groups such as Move America Forward, led by KSFO/ San Francisco morning host Melanie Morgan, have sprung into action.

With some early success already claimed, an advertiser boycott is underway.

In addition, after reports that Rush Limbaugh may soon be removed from Armed Forces Radio, the talk titan is fighting back against recommendations made by Lund Media Research.

The company was recently hired by the military to "modernize" the network's programming schedule.

In my latest Inside Radio column, "Battleground: Rush", we cover both of these issues in-depth. Read it here.

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  • This has been published at Free Republic:

    By Blogger MoveAmericaForward, at 07 June, 2006 19:36  

  • I've posted on here before, and you're dam skippy people are pissed off at this.
    Budget my ****. This WAS over politics.
    this LIberal loving, hateamerica first groupie named, bruce hyman, should be on Air America, NOT kfbk.
    Within TWO DAYS of Mark Williams being fired, a NEW version hit the air from herr bruce:

    Mark Williams was fired because his ratings were NOT in keeping with managements expectations.

    Yea, right....and pigs fly.
    There are two places to find info on this locally;
    1) SACUNION.COM, under the heading of " Minutemen...." since the sites not used much.
    2) you can find out info at
    3) email me at "

    If you feel like calling up kfbk, and expressing yourselves, please do so at:

    Thank you for the chance to write here on your blog sir...

    Much regards...
    Leo of Sacramento

    By Blogger LNaranjoiv, at 07 June, 2006 22:52  

  • This boils down to a personality conflict, plain and simple. Williams pissed off somebody in the KFBK hierarchy, and said hierarchy decided to hire a friend of a friend, Bruce Maiman.

    And KFBK is now hemorrhaging listenership (and sponsors) as a result.

    Williams was especially good at pushing buttons, and he wasn't especially picky about whose buttons he pushed.

    I have been unable to locate the daypart specifics, but KFBK went from 7.7 to 8.0 from Winter 2005 to Spring 2006. The next best talker was KFBK's sister CheapChannel talker, KSTE, at 3.5 going to 4.2. That is hardly the track record of a station that is losing ratings.

    Unfortunately, there are very limited options for Williams in this market. He probably won't be hired at KSTE, and the two Salem affiliates run taped daytime shows (KTKZ-1380 runs Prager and Gallagher, KFIA-710 is explicitly religious, running Dobson and such).

    Here is the true danger of the corporatization of radio - if one host speaks his mind too forcefully, then he can find himself locked out of an entire market, and others besides.

    Because make no mistake - Williams is talented, he is not a bootlicker, and he calls things as he sees them.

    By Blogger JD, at 08 June, 2006 00:02  

  • Good comments on this. Well for Mark Williams, it's the last laugh somewhat, Al-Zarqawi IS DEAD! Believe it--unless you happen to subscribe to DailyKos or any other terror loving liberal website! And here's proof:

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 08 June, 2006 05:28  

  • The reason Mark was booted-out is not because of the budget, it is because of Mark’s limited ability to discuss other topics beside the three issues he has been talking about for the past 3 years. If you listen to one of Mark’s shows, then definitely you listened to all of them. I think KFBK did the right decision by getting-rid-of Mark. I look forward to start listening to KFBK again.

    By Blogger sam, at 12 June, 2006 01:59  

  • I'll miss Mark's program and as far as I'm concerned, KFBK can count me off its listeners list.


    By Blogger Greg, at 23 June, 2006 17:23  

  • Mark will be missed. For anyone to say that he only had limited ability to discuss other topics beside the three issues he has been talking about for the past 3 years, is crazy.. he talked about political issue on every forum that was in the media. A talk show host talks about what the people have on their mind and he did it with class and professionalism. KFBK made a mistake.. I used to listen to Rush on that station, but I now go to 1290 instead of KFBK 1530.. I swear, management needs to get a clue and go with the majority of listeners..

    By Blogger fleettech, at 25 June, 2006 18:28  

  • Mark wasn't fired over ratings, budgets or anything except....some moron's wife in another station at the same building, wanted to leave her Advertising Exec Job. That lady was bruce hyman's wife. The station was Y92.5

    hyman's wife has a friend, one Sarah " backstabbing B***" simpson, who helped engineer the William's firing. Add onto that, jef " wish he had his own pair of balls " holden, and there you have it. A fired radio host.

    hyman's show puts dead people to sleep. His topics are liberal thru and thru, and he has commented to believing in the following:

    He believes in neither party
    He believes in NO religion
    and he believes that 12 Million illegals deserve amnesty.

    Sorry folks, since this foolios believes in nothing, what makes you think he has anything of substance to offer?
    Hating Bush? Calling the war on Terror " a quagmire "?

    kfbk has lost a lot of listeners, Mark's Blog is being censored by Clear Channel Exec's as well as other lawyers, and jef " wish he had his own balls " holden hides amongst the shadows.

    Small wonder, why kfbk was absent during the Roseville Wine Festival, while Y92.5, carried the water for clear channel.

    By Blogger LNaranjoiv, at 28 June, 2006 22:21  

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