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22 October 2006

Bill O'Reilly, Huffington Post


'O'Reilly 1949-2006' Is Moonbat Fantasy

In yet another bizarre leftist death fantasy, a Huffington Post contributor has published an "obit" for FOX News Channel host Bill O'Reilly.

Though supposedly meant as tongue- in- cheek, the piece by Steve Young again has your Radio Equalizer wondering how so- called- "progressives" would feel if the tables were turned. Why this obsession with the deaths of opponents?

Apparently, doing away with the hated George W Bush isn't enough, it's now time for a full- fledged lefty Dead Pool.

It's stunning to think that Google finds this kind of trash worthy of inclusion in its Google News section.

From the piece:

BILL O'REILLY (1949-2006) - Self-Aggrandizement Loses A Pioneer

Bill O'Reilly (1949-2006) Spinning In His Grave?

With the loss of William James "Bill" O'Reilly, Jr., a true Culture Warrior™ who fought tirelessly for Christmas in the war against it, a large void is left in the world of narcissism.

About 6'6 X 3'.

As of this writing there has been no confir- mation of his death but the fact that he has not shown up on radio or TV to plug his latest book in the past twelve hours, has lead many to conclude that he must be have passed away.

The suspicion is that he may have been murdered by either George Soros, Al Franken, Frank Rich, Keith Olbermann, France, the entire ACLU or some other "Blame America First™, "Hate Bush Crowd™, "Secular Progressive™ (SP™ ) pinhead™ , who has targeted him and other Traditonalists™ for years.

Other speculative factors of death experts surmise that he may have died of natural causes due to his ever-expanding sense of self as Mr. O'Reilly's inability to control his I am always right politics (he was an independent, you know) nor the size of his ego, would have had to sooner or later lead to his passing .

"When one's view of his own worth to society far exceeds the body's physical perimeter and capacity to support what we call id girth, a self-combustion, much like explosive diarrhea, will likely occur," said death-causation authority, Dr. Mort Ality. "Most likely, Mr. O'Reilly's near uninterrupted six-month, 24/7 promotion of his new book, combined with his tough, hardnose, take no prisoners, interview with President Bush - where he thankfully found time to promote his new book - proved fatal.

Of course, he could have died just from his body's inability to withstand the strain brought about by the unnatural physical contortion from excessive patting of one's self on the back," said Dr. Ality. "It's like when people say they'll 'bend over backwards' for you. Sooner or later, something breaks."

Fox News's Roger Ailes said that "Bill O'Reilly was an icon to millions of faithful followers and a 'Culture Warrior™' who will never be able to be replaced...but we will try." Ailes announced that the new and exciting "Geraldo, Aren't I So Macho, Factor" will premiere at 9PM EST Monday night.

Mr O'Reilly is survived by his wife, two children, a Polk (or what Mr. O'Reilly liked to call, "two Peabodys") and a million dollar settlement payment made to have his sexual harassment case with producer Andrea Mackris - who he was really looking out for™ - go away.

Liberals would be howling if conservatives resorted to cheap stunts like this. Why do they do it? Is it that hard to contain their rage?

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  • "Kook's fake obit"

    Kook = O'Reilly - Your headline describes O'Reilly correctly.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 22 October, 2006 14:34  

  • KOOK: -noun, slang.
    A person regarded as strange, eccentric, or crazy. Someone regarded as eccentric and standing out from a group [syn: odd person, odd fish, queer bird, queer duck]

    I'd say that is a perfect description of the Huffington Post. When Huffpo first came out, it looked like it might have some interesting perspectives, but it ended up using the same pile of crap that AAR and Kos uses. Just a bunch of blame the other guy, and nothing positive or helpful.

    He delivers.

    All she cares about is her connection to her Hollywood friends. When was the last time she interviewed the President or anyone of consequence? She is a feckless, fruitless, failing wannabe.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 22 October, 2006 15:28  

  • Love it. Great Weekend Comic Relief.

    "Rumors of my Death have been greatly exagerrated".. Bill O'Reilly, Monday on Fox News.

    Really Funny. And really bad taste.


    By Blogger Clouseau, at 22 October, 2006 16:14  

  • In my Brentwood Pool Boy fantasy, Arianna is my top client.

    But, seriously, the author of this piece is/was on AAR's L.A. outlet.

    One of the good things about the HuffPost is that occasionally they have high profile contributors, such as Kerry, Reid, AlexBaldwin, etc.

    In two cases they've fairly quickly posted very scathing comments I left on HarryReid entries, so either they don't like HR, or, unlike other sites, they're not opposed to contrary opinions. The chances of either comment not being deleted at ThinkRegress or similar sites is about nil.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 22 October, 2006 17:59  

  • "Dream, the impossible dream...."

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 22 October, 2006 21:01  

  • Ah, I love it when kooks say stuff like that, then the other kooks post on this site. If you think O-Reilly is a kook, then you mist be part of the take down America crowd. keep talking. The gays handed Bush the last election and people like you will do it again this time around. It's the only contribution the gays have made that is worthwhile, unless you count spreading "Mary" type disease to each other.

    By Blogger Owen, at 22 October, 2006 21:45  

  • Trying to alienate your own queer pedophile demographic, O-weee?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 22 October, 2006 22:17  

  • I'm surprised ol' Baklava Breath at Daily Koz didn't think of it first! Even so, for the Huffington Post to do this can be summed up in one word:


    I wouldn't be shocked if sometime this week O'Reilly mentions this--AND GOES OFF ON HUFFPO BIGTIME!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 23 October, 2006 07:00  

  • elmonica and hash didn't disappoint. They proved their credentials as charter members of the Kook Fringe.

    You two are prime reasons Left wingnut radio like (Sc)Air America fails each and every time it is tried.

    By Blogger PCD, at 23 October, 2006 07:55  

  • Look out, PCD, it's a flying Islamofascist!! Oh, horrors!

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 23 October, 2006 08:21  

  • hashfanatic said...

    "Look out, PCD, it's a flying Islamofascist!! Oh, horrors!

    Told you he sees things.

    By Blogger Lokki, at 23 October, 2006 09:27  

  • Just more evidence that liberalism is a mental illness.

    By Blogger Lone Ranger, at 23 October, 2006 14:02  

  • Yep, we're crazy enough to expect the truth every now and then.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 23 October, 2006 17:02  

  • Maybe the Liberals need this to happen to them on a large sacle! Seems that nothing is off limits these days.


    By Blogger kks001, at 23 October, 2006 19:13  

  • Maybe the Liberals need this to happen to them on a large sacle! Seems that nothing is off limits these days.


    By Blogger kks001, at 23 October, 2006 19:14  

  • Maybe the Liberals need this to happen to them on a large sacle! Seems that nothing is off limits these days.


    By Blogger kks001, at 23 October, 2006 19:14  

  • Sory for the multiple posts! Thought it wasn't working

    By Blogger kks001, at 23 October, 2006 19:15  

  • kks001,

    You can delete that crap and fix your link by clicking on the trashcan icon.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 23 October, 2006 19:23  

  • I guess we're all supposed to be overwrought at the idea of that freak O'Reilly really going to his reward?

    Maybe, like Reagan (may his name be erased from memory), they're excited about another two-week period of mourning...

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 23 October, 2006 22:54  

  • As if the news for AAR couldn't get any worse...

    Portland's KPOJ, AAR's most sucessful station by far, checked in yesterday with a worst ever 2.8, losing a share and a half in the last 6 months.

    The aggregate numbers so far are worse than they have ever been going back to Fall 2004. This is not a company moving in the right direction.

    By Blogger BF, at 24 October, 2006 09:03  

  • As long as neocons and moneychangers at the helm, it's doubtful that AAR will ever again move in the proper direction.

    Back on topic: I know that I'm not the only one who's wondered, what if Limbaugh were to be found in his bed, dead of a drug overdose? (This is not an unusual end for opiate addicts to meet.)

    Can you imagine the public reaction?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 24 October, 2006 14:21  

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