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12 December 2006

Bill O'Reilly, Culture War, Talk Radio, Theatre, Seattle


As Culture War Escalates, New Methods Emerge

Fought between liberals and conservatives, the epic battle for the hearts and minds of Americans has one side utilizing a new medium to get its message across: the stage.

But will the left's new Culture War weapon actually aid their cause, or merely preach to the converted?

In addition, are these productions entertaining, or too preachy and filled with excessively overt political propaganda?

We've already seen the theatre used as a tool of political persuasion, most notably in the recent production of My Name Is Rachel Corrie, which debuted last year in London.

Telling the story of a Washington State- based political activist and college student who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in the Gaza Strip during a protest, the play was wildly slanted toward the viewpoint of Corrie's anti- Israel supporters.

At least in that example, however, we were dealing with a highly- charged political debate that stirs passions the world over, even if it wasn't the most entertaining play ever produced.

In a new production, however, the mindless anti-Bill O'Reilly agenda of Keith Olbermann's small number of dedicated fans is served all the red meat (or tofu) it can handle in Mackris v O'Reilly, a baroque oratorio based on the sexual harassment complaint once filed against the FOX News Channel and radio talk host. It will debut next month in Seattle.

Since the matter was settled two years ago, what is the point of this production, other than to further reveal the strangely twisted world of Seattle's biggest "progressive" malcontents? As it's no longer timely, it's hard to imagine the motivation behind it.

Clearly then, it's about smearing O'Reilly, even though he has long since taken his lumps in public over the matter. And did anyone bother to ask Mackris how she might feel about this public display? Perhaps she too would like to move on with her life.

Do you guys really want to feed Olbermann's weird obsession? The results will be ugly, even for your side of the fence.

Assuming that Seattle easily has enough Jim McDermott- loving extremists to sell out the performances, the more important point is this: when it comes to gaining the upper hand in our nation's ongoing culture wars, the left will stop at nothing to win.

Are you paying attention, conservatives?

Olbermann on missile: Pete at IHillary

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  • Your damned right and we're coming after you, too, you pasty pudgy GOP dirty tricks operative! You have already been exposed as utter frauds and booted out by a 10 million total vote victory stomping at the polls, yet you continue to think you can smear and lie your way around on your yellow chickenhawk bellies.

    The cultural, government and every other expose of your utter fraudulence is just beginning to roll. Wait til the bloated pasty chickenhawk neocons are marched before Congress and dared to deny the plot outlined in the original PNAC blueprint, which they have the gall and stupidity to keep online. From there the hearings go lie by lie on how the country was hookwinked into Iraq - from Curveball to phony aluminum tubes to Colin Powell's chemical weapon (German weather balloon inflation) trailers.

    Next the even pastier talk radio and FOX liars are sworn and challenged to defend their most egregious lies - shown in the hearing rooms on giant t.v.s - with any less than the complete truth this time earning them a Federal prison perjury charge.

    EVERY SINGLE LIE - from Hannity's promising day in and day out that millionaires got the same $500 tax cut as the average joe (They got an average $129,000 a year, which he knew because there is tape of him cutting off authortative sources)to the lies that 900 vehicles were being up-armored a day when no orders had yet even been placed - will be exposed, completely collapsing the public's tolerance of your whole right wing radio disinformation operation.

    The fun continues as Maps to the NeoCon Chickenhawk's Homes are distributed to all returning soldiers so they can visit you and express their First Amendment rights over their shattered lives. As they ride the Greyhound from V.A. psych wards out to the Tudor Mansions of the NeoCons and their enablers, they will read how each of you filthy pigs destroyed their life with lies you thought you could enforce like Mafia thugs.

    Kiss kiss, bang bang.

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 12 December, 2006 03:27  

  • "Do you guys really want to feed Olbermann's weird obsession?"

    Oh, what the heck, yes, we do.

    And, come on. Stop whining. You've got the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and almost the Congress, having previously dominated it for several years. Can't we have a concert hall in Washington for a day or two? Be sporting, now.

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 12 December, 2006 05:27  

  • Yeah, an American citizen, a girl, gets deliberately run over by a thug in a bulldozer, and we on the left are SPINNING the worst possible light.

    Rocker's right...ain't gonna be pretty when the useful idiots of the military get home and wake up..

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 December, 2006 06:45  

  • "useful idiots of the military"

    Do any of the other liberals agree with that comment or are they still supporting the military?

    You are an idiot but I bet you’re smart enough not to go to a military bar and say that. You would learn first hand about war crimes. Your nothing. Stay home and bang on your keyboard and continue thinking you have friends. You’re a loser.

    By Blogger pf1, at 12 December, 2006 07:31  

  • Oh, the poser is back.

    Did you fight in Iwo Jima in your dreams this time, fool?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 December, 2006 07:40  

  • Hash, you and greg are prime examples of LIBERAL HATE.

    In the mean time, are you and greg going to be satisfied in just disenfranchising the military voters?

    By Blogger PCD, at 12 December, 2006 08:40  

  • PCD, you folks on the right have no room to talk about "hate". i suppose it was a liberal who wrote a book titled "liberalism is a mental disorder" and "godless: the church of liberalism"? and let's not forget malkin. she's so hateful that satan himself would stay away from her.

    and furthermore, both the KKK and David Duke's current organization "stormfront" identify themselves as republicans. i don't think it gets any more hateful than them.

    See for yourselves

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 12 December, 2006 11:44  

  • hardcore, you and hash just reek hate from each and every post. It is you bozos who think nothing of equating Bush with Hitler.

    You and Hash are haters. Live with it.

    By Blogger PCD, at 12 December, 2006 13:17  

  • Yawn. Tell it to the Iraqis.

    Show them more of your "love".

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 December, 2006 13:50  

  • Hash is so full of hate that he insults people in his own party. What has MOP done to you to make you insult his wife a "useful idiot of the military".

    What a loser.

    By Blogger pf1, at 12 December, 2006 14:09  

  • actually, PCD, i did not say one unkind word in my post, i just listed a bunch of facts. you, on the other hand, chose not to refute those facts, but to call me names. i'm fairly certain that i've never said Bush was like Hitler, and you can go through my posts and check for yourself.

    don't put words in my mouth. don't accuse me of something without providing evidence. i provided evidence, i ask that you do the same. Jesus wouldn't approve of you making baseless claims, would he?

    By Blogger hardcore conservative genious, at 12 December, 2006 14:17  

  • Now, now, pf1...go down to the USS Cole and scrape the barnacles off the hull. We taxpayers should get our money's worth, after all...

    And don't even get me started on "Ching Chong" Malkin (funny video though...)

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 December, 2006 14:29  

  • Answer the Question loser.

    What has MOP done to you to make you insult his wife a "useful idiot of the military".

    By Blogger pf1, at 12 December, 2006 14:46  

  • Since none of the libs on this blog challenged you I guess they agree with your idiocy.

    The elections are over so the liberals can go back to insulting the military we don’t care its what we have come to expect.

    By Blogger pf1, at 12 December, 2006 15:18  

  • Pf1:
    Each commenter speaks for themselves.

    By Blogger Elmonica, at 12 December, 2006 16:11  

  • PF1, don't give me are a nothing, now.

    Any soldier who is in agreement with the Bush Crime Family's mission in Iraq is a useful idiot and a simpleton.

    My opinion, and unafraid to admit it.

    Listen closely, pf1, you useless cancer on this society; I am not a liberal, but a leftist.

    If you want to put my words into the mouths of liberals, go right ahead....we'll let them determine your fate.

    But if you can't even figure out who is who in the blogosphere, what good would you be on the battlefield, anyway?

    What do you know from supporting your team and only being as good as your weakest link-a key element of military training and, by the way, a liberal concept?

    Go forth, PFFlyer. Continue being "useful", you idiot.

    Go cash your measly check-soaked in the blood of your own "brothers".

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 December, 2006 20:55  

  • Justice was not done to an American girl named Rachel Corrie, murdered in Palestine by an Israeli bulldozer driver, because of its total inability of the US government to refrain from meddling in the affairs of other sovereign nations and ALWAYS picking the wrong side (Iraq, the Shah, the Saudi royal family, the Zionist neocons, Yugoslavians, Chileans, etc.)

    America always sells its own citizens out for its own corporate interests.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 12 December, 2006 21:52  

  • To return to the topic -- or man -- at hand: O'Reilly proved himself to be a total joke on TV last night. He presented a YouTube video of a young girl who said mean things about him. He then said it was child abuse, and that he knew who her parents were.
    What didn't he say? That the girl is a professional actress, and the SCRIPTED video was a promo for a punk band.

    By Blogger Justin, at 13 December, 2006 07:20  

  • Why would that be surprising?

    Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense realizes that everything, EVERYTHING on that program is a sham.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 December, 2006 07:39  

  • Hash you are an idiot. I have told you before I do not support Bush in Iraq you moron. Do you understand that I DID NOT SUPPORT BUSH IN IRAQ YOU IDIOT. I really believe you cannot read. I AM NO LONGER IN THE MILITARY. I served in Desert storm. You can call MOP’s wife what you want she’s more of a man than your punk ass will ever be.

    As for you being a leftist, I can believe that. You are jealous of what others have and you think you deserve to make what they make. You will never make what I make you leech on society go stand in line for your stamps loser.

    By Blogger pf1, at 13 December, 2006 09:01  

  • You served no one but your self.

    I am jealous of no one, and my needs are met, beyond my wildest dreams. It is you who sold you soul, your conscience, and your spirit to the devil.

    You are common lowlife scum, and not an inch above it. You are not even fit to tie anyone else's shoelaces, so damaged and useless you are to any land.

    You represent everything that is wrong, faulty, dysfunctional and corrupt in America today.

    Hopefully, you will simply cease to be.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 December, 2006 09:09  

  • Hardcore,

    Read a little closer. I said you think nothing of equating Bush to Hitler. Your silence is taken as assent on this subject.

    I see Liberal hate from Hash, especially for the military. Guess the Coasties interdicted too many supply runs for Hash to handle.

    There is a culture war, and the lefe thinks it can win on insults and stuffed ballot boxes.

    By Blogger PCD, at 13 December, 2006 09:34  

  • You HAVE no culture, PCD.

    And Bush is far worse than Hitler.

    Hitler at least cared about the people he led at one point.

    Bush cares for no one and nothing, except Jeff Gannon and his next eighth.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 December, 2006 10:54  

  • You are an idiot but I bet you’re smart enough not to go to a military bar and say that. You would learn first hand about war crimes.

    There's no point in arguing rationally with someone who ultimately backs up arguments with threats of violence.

    The trivializing attitude towards war-crimes is particularly diagnostic. Clearly this person does not have the mental wherewithall to imagine that someday he might be the one being tortured and killed, that his wife and daughters may be the ones being raped.

    I'd say the guy who wrote this is ready to set up and run concentration-camps if told to do so by a suffiently authoritative father-figure. Heck, it happened in Germany, a sublimely educated and civilized country!

    I see one, ten, one-hundred, a thousand Guantanamos on the horizon.
    Dystopia, here we come! And Jebb Bush Emperor!

    And we all should get some nice swim apparel! 'cause if we don't play this one right, I can imagine a lot of waterboarding going on in the future!

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 13 December, 2006 11:29  

  • Thanks for sticking up for my fiance(wife in June). As an officer, she is far from a "useful idiot", but than again she does not support the Iraqi war, she supports America in general, she is quite liberal. I believe hash is saying those who joined the military to support Iraq are "useful idiots", not the whole military. I personally do not feel many signed up for Iraq, but for the experience of the military, the prestige associated with serving and benefits and skills learned in the military
    I think Hash needs to keep that in mind, but I'm sure there are some people who signed up for the "Iraqi cause", they were mislead, it was not their fault they fell for the GOP agenda, as many many other Americans did.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 13 December, 2006 11:45  

  • Exactly, MOP.

    I support any soldier that opposes the war in Iraq, the Bush Crime Family, and is there to do their JOB, not participating in war crimes.

    And none of them are fighting for me.

    They are fighting for the Bush Crime Family, and other entities.

    They all have my unending pity.

    And I shall not glorify them, so more innocents can seek self-esteem and gratification, and kill or be killed.

    What this country COULD have been, if not for the Bush Crime Family.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 December, 2006 11:55  

  • and furthermore, both the KKK and David Duke's current organization "stormfront" identify themselves as republicans. i don't think it gets any more hateful than them.

    Fred Phelps is a Democrat.

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 13 December, 2006 12:23  

  • Snowed In - Ted Bundy ran for office as a Republican

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 13 December, 2006 12:33  

  • Lieberman ran as a....oh, nevermind.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 December, 2006 13:52  

  • Liberal Outlaw,

    Check your source--Bundy campaigned for the party...he didn't run for office.

    Anyway, my point was that both major political parties have what you might call their extremists, their "black sheep", whatever. To discount either side's opinions en masse simply because some people on that side of the argument are too extreme is ridiculous, as is telling someone that their entire political party has no right to talk about hate simply because someone in that party wrote a book or two insulting people in the other party.

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 13 December, 2006 14:03  

  • snowed in,
    i couldn't agree with you more. unfortunately, you are speaking to the wrong side on this issue. i was countering an argument, not starting one. PCD said that two people on here were perfect examples of "liberal hate". according to your argument (which i agree with) a few bad apples don't spoil the bunch. i was showing that there is hate on the right too.

    the republicans on here think that just because we identify ourselves as liberals and we get angry, that means the whole party is like that, and that is simply an unintelligent conclusion to come to. that would be like a liberal accusing the entire GOP of being in the KKK just because most KKK members are registered as republicans.

    open your mind before you open your mouth. don't accuse me of doing something that the conservatives are doing as well. pot. kettle. black.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 13 December, 2006 15:18  

  • Reading all this hate directed at other people posting, it's a miracle that people aren't shooting at each other during our elections. As I said before, the political climate reminds me of France during the thirties, when the leaders of the parties, and membership, were so busy throwing rocks at each other they didn't notice what was going on right next door. It's too bad that when whatever is going on in the rest of the world makes its way here, people will be too busy fighting and pointing fingers at each other to do anything about it.

    The ultimate irony is that the media promotes this nonsense, because it creates controversy, controversy creates news, news creates interest, interest means people are reading newspapers, watching television so that advertisers get their shot to sell things to the viewers. (heck you could even say that about this blog or any blog - controvery sparks interest etc.). It really comes down to that, and just that, and we are all pawns in a bigger game, which of course is not a revelation to anyone - that's the price you pay for living in a capitalist (somewhat) free market economy. No big deal right?

    Yeah, I know, free debate is critical to a free society blah blah blah. But so is SOME measure of consensus, and that's what is trickling away, and the result WILL be people shooting at each other. The worst type of war is a civil war - look at the blood baths that go on right now, look at the blood bath that happened 75 miles and almost 150 years from where I now sit writing this.

    So what does it all mean? I don't know, more than anything we desperately need leadership, undefined by "party" or strict ideology. But I do not see it, in fact haven't seen it for years, not one person - maybe, though probably not Giuliani, certainly not McCain (an idiot who said that to prefer skilled workers to unskilled workers for immigrant slots is "unAmerican" - sorry that's off the point), not Frist - thank god he's not running, not Hilory, Obama, or those two other fools, Kerry and Gore.

    Thank god the biggest idiot of them all will be leaving - Bush - how this guy lead when he can't string together an articulate sentence? I don't get that - I speak in public for a living, and the more you do it the better you are supposed to get at it - this guy does it all the time, and still sounds like some dumb teenager. You are supposed to rise to meet the challenges in office, not delegate the responsibilities and enjoy the perks of power.

    Not that I believe all the conspiracy nonsense about the Bush "crime family", that line isn't going to convince anyone, and if you want to make a point about something, shouldn't you do it in a way that's designed to make the other person come to your point of view, even if it looks impossible? Maybe I don't understand how blogs work, but name calling, bad language personal attacks and the like doesn't seem to tbe the way to express yourself. Don't you want the other guy to understand your point of view? If you don't care, what audience are you playing to?

    In any event, the next two years are going to be bloody murder as every shred of consensus is blown away - our enemies, no make that competitors in the global economy (where the real battles are fought these days) will be laughing - they don't have these type of problems. The end result will likely be disorder, and when people have had enough of that and assuming we don't blow the place to smithereens (or someone else does it for us) the demand will be for order, so you will get to say good bye, and by that time good riddance to this failed experiment in republicanism (that's with a small "r"). Killed by too much "democracy", and too much disagreement.

    By Blogger thinkcon, at 13 December, 2006 15:39  

  • You pasty faces show how out of touch you are when you claim the military as part of your flabby, corrupt, disaster party. Sixty Iraqi War vets ran in the past election and EVERY SINGLE ONE was a Dem. The most widely circulated website in the early days of the war was the's Chickenhawk List that proved every single promoter of the war was a draft-dodging chickenhawk or didn't serve, while the Dem's being branded as traitors (Daschle, Gephardt, Kennedy, etc) had all served honorably and some (Kerry) were true war heroes. So get your facts straight and know the definition of patriot vs. PHONEY patriotism - which America is waking up to as we speak, and will be all too clear on in short order.

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 13 December, 2006 17:16  

  • The neocons in the military will amount to nothing and will never adjust to civilian life.

    One cannot murder, rape, steal and pillage stateside and continually get away it.

    And the lack of ability to reason and think critically will render them totally dependent on everyone who despises war, and detests the warmongers.

    For the warmongers are detestable.

    That cultural divide shall never repair itself.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 13 December, 2006 17:23  

  • liberal outlaw,

    My second paragraph (the one to which you took so much umbrage) was not directed at you. It was directed at HCG, who had said that PCD had "no room to talk about hate", and to whom my original comment had responded.

    There is no doubt that some people representing both sides on this blog are helping no one with their epithets.

    Getting back to the topic at hand, I don't think Brian read all the pages at the webpage of Mackris vs. O'Reilly, or he would have seen the author not only denying that this is a hit piece but saying Mr. O'Reilly is "an admirable fellow" on some levels. (source) (Or, perhaps Brian simply didn't believe the author's characterization.) Of course it is to be expected that Keith Olbermann, struggling for relevancy, would take any opportunity to slam Mr. O'Reilly. (I've heard somewhere that maybe they don't like each other.)

    By Blogger Snowed In, at 13 December, 2006 17:28  

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