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05 March 2007

Howie Carr, Tom Finneran, Boston Talk Radio


Over Mob Hit Talk, Boston Talkers Declare War

In your office, would it be okay to suggest out loud that a hated co- worker oughta get whacked in a mob hit?

If you're looking for an early retirement, give this a try sometime.

In Boston, however, convicted felon- turned- morning host Tom Finneran has done just that, with Howie Carr, the target of his affection, demanding jail time as a result of the on- air threat.

Today, Carr wrote to the judge in Finneran's case to ask whether the longtime Democrat politician was abiding by the terms of his probation.

The resulting story has made front page news and at SaveWRKO, we're tracking the latest developments.

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Carr - Finneran photo: Boston Herald library


  • Those on the WRKO mailing list are getting messages from PD
    Jason Wolfe apologizing for the fact that Red Sox exhibition games are pre-empting Rush Limbaugh on weekdays. He assures listeners
    that it was part of the contract with the Sox that 'RKO (and not
    'EEI) carry the exhibition games, and once the season starts all
    weekday afternoon games will be on WEEI except for "the two
    opening days" (opening day at KC and then Fenway opening day)
    which will be on WRKO.

    He fails to mention Howie Carr's name--and Howie is losing at least one hour of his show due to these games. However the email does
    mention a live broadcast of Howie's show from the Harp tomorrow.
    Howie fans have had to resort to live streaming (unless they can pick up WGAN in Portland). Last Monday the Finneran/Carr feud
    was front page news in the Herald but those who wanted to hear
    Howie talk about it on WRKO found the Sox instead, and when they
    went to RKO's site to get the streamcast they found...Fox Sports
    Radio instead.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 08 March, 2007 13:02  

  • RKO follies continue: the RKO webstream today carries Red Sox game,
    not Howie.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 08 March, 2007 15:23  

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