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16 April 2007

Bring Imus Back, Imus Fired, Petition Drive


Imus Fans Create Website, Start Petition Drive

In this age of new media- based activism, what would a talk host firing be without a website created by angry fans?

And given the extraordinary amount of attention given to the Don Imus affair, his sacking is proving to be no exception. Fans have already created a "Bring Imus Back" website, complete with petition drive.

On its main page, Bring Imus Back makes the case for his return:

On April 12, 2007 Lesley Moonves bent to the will of people who never listen to Imus in the Morning with total disregard to CBS Radio listeners who support Don Imus despite his faults. This web site was created to help people to contact CBS and Viacom and let executives within these organizations know just how we feel.

This site provides you with information allowing you to send Emails or make phone calls to CBS and Viacom executives telling them just how sick and tired you are with Mr. Moonves taking actions that fly in the face of the wishes of CBS viewers and listeners. We also have a Survey, a Guestbook, a Forum and a Petition for you to sign if you support bringing Imus back to CBS.

One problem: the email contact list is wildly outdated, containing names of executives who left the company long ago.

Working out a bit better for Imus supporters is the petition drive, which so far has almost 5000 signatures, even if a few do seem suspect:

4445. Gregg Hughes and Anthony Cumia - We support Imus because he's an even bigger douchebag than us. 0.0 Las Vegas

Somehow, it seems doubtful that Opie & Anthony signed in support of the I- Man.

While Imus may not have been a big ratings- generator, his small following is out to prove they can be noisy nonetheless. Will it help, however?

Will you support the Radio Equalizer?

Your Amazon orders that begin with clicks here, regardless of what you ultimately purchase, greatly assist this site's efforts.

Or, please consider making a contribution at the Honor System box. Thanks again!

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  • >>the email contact list is wildly outdated, containing names of executives who left the company long ago.

    Yup, Mel Karmazin for one; didn't he go to Sirius and lure Stern there...

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 16 April, 2007 14:57  

  • I'm pretty sure that, as of about 8:00 this morning, that noone cares about Imus anymore. The talking heads this week are all going to be about Virginia Tech and gun control.

    By Blogger BF, at 16 April, 2007 15:08  

  • replace imus with bubba the love sponge then watch al sharpton hang himself.

    By Blogger nandgtrucking, at 17 April, 2007 00:41  

  • It is pretty ironic, bias, and hypocritical for the media and the public to single out Imus as a racist or bigot for his remarks and then let other media personalities that are not white to do & say whatever they please on the radios and TVs about race and gender. Now to be honest, I don't listen to Imus but its a matter of principle here and I'm really getting tired of hearing about it and related such topics. If Imus or any other "white person" is going to be monitored or sensored for what they say then EVERYBODY who picks up talks on the air or steps in front of a camera for a living should be held accountable as well.
    I just recently retired out of the military and spent two combat tours in Iraq where we were "suppose" to be fighting for freedoms and rights of the oppressed, yet here in America "rights and freedoms" are only for a select few or preferred races (non-whites). I myself am racially mixed and in a racially mixed marriage. Most Americans are a mixture of this or that. But the problem here is that Americans are so obsessed with "race" that they can't press-on with life or the things in life which are relevant. Perhaps when Americans stop obsessing on what color somebody is / is not AND grow a thicker skin so they can take a joke or off-comment then perhaps we can move forward into the future instead of backward into the past.


    By Anonymous calzone, at 20 December, 2007 10:34  

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