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30 April 2007

Rush Limbaugh, New York Post Page Six


When Even Restaurant Tabs Become An Issue

Hey, Joe Media Guy (or Jane Media Gal): are you sure you'd like to be as successful and famous as Rush Limbaugh?

As Rush could probably explain better than anyone else, fame has a price, a pretty big one in the talk titan's case. Imagine having your dating choices scrutinized, even to the point where the women themselves face mainstream media pressure for daring to be seen with the left's archenemy.

Taking it a step further, consider being unable to order a steak dinner with a friend without seeing your tab reproduced in the next day's New York Post:

April 30, 2007 -- RADIO host Rush Limbaugh is far from conservative when it comes to his big appetite. The Post's Braden Keil reports that Limbaugh and a female companion lived large at Kobe Club last Thursday night, devouring bacon with truffles, Japanese strip steak, Kobe beef cheek ravioli, a large seafood platter, a combo of American, Australian and Japanese wagyu steaks and several "side" dishes.

After finishing their $700 feast, Limbaugh left the server a $1,000 tip.

On a previous night, Limbaugh and another female friend were spotted by patrons sharing a $4,000 bottle of wine at '21.'

While we wait to see how giddy Huffington Post- types use this item to further their anti- Rush agenda, there is a bright side: at least he wasn't caught leaving a tiny tip, which would have fueled their fire for months to come.

Even worse, ordering the vegetarian platter or leaving the restaurant in a Subaru could have been damaging to his reputation.

The real beef is this: most people like to go out to relax and have a good time, rather than have every move scrutinized by other patrons and waitstaff. As you shoot your way to the top, it's something to keep in mind.

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  • As if Rush is the only one who eats at Posh restaurants. Not sure what they're criticizing here; the existance of an elegant high priced bistro, the Kobe Beef, the generous tip, or what. Probably that he has the "gall" to live as large as every other patron of this establishment.

    More than likely, though, the criticism stems from the fact that Rush has the ability and wherewithal to enjoy life when his critics roil in hateful discontent over nearly everything.

    The more fun Rush has, the more miserable his critics become. I think El Rushbo gets the last laugh when it comes to criticism from leftist detractors. They can't seem to figure it out!

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 01 May, 2007 00:34  

  • who CARES what rush has for dinner

    if he wants to piss his money away on such foolishness, it's his business

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 01 May, 2007 17:23  

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