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20 June 2007

Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill, FrontPageMag, John Ellis


Ellis: Amnesty Like Encouraging Bank Robbers

While Trent Lott would have the nation believe that opposition to the amnesty bill for illegal immigration is confined to talk radio, even hosts realize the Internet has been a driving force behind the public's sense of outrage.

And it isn't merely fueled by emotional tirades, as Bush and his congressional friends in both parties would have us believe. Case in point: a new piece by John M Ellis just published at FrontPageMag.

Ellis, Professor Emeritus of Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz, makes the surprisingly apt comparison between illegal aliens and bank robbers. What would happen if amnesty were granted for other crimes?

An excerpt from the piece:

To get a clearer sight of what is really happening, let’s move the discussion to another area of the law, and imagine for the moment a general amnesty for bank-robbers. What would that actually mean? Simply that all crimes of a certain kind committed up to the date of the amnesty will be forgiven and not prosecuted. Now let’s suppose we offer amnesty to all bank-robbers who will come forward to confess their crimes and have them entered into a record of those for which amnesty had been claimed and granted. But now a particular bank-robber, noticing how eager the authorities are to get him into the program, decides to bargain for more. “Can I keep my loot?” he says.


Instead of insisting that amnesty just means forgiveness of past crimes, not legalizing them, the authorities say, in effect: all right, we’ll change the law to create an exception for you so that you can go on behaving exactly as you have been doing.

By now the bank robber senses that the authorities will do anything to get him into the program, and he asks for a reward on top of everything else. And sure enough, he is given a handsome reward worth a great deal of money. But at the last minute, the authorities, becoming aware that what they are doing looks ridiculous, say sternly to him: but you have to agree to a fine of $5000.

The robber, looking at the much greater value of what he has ripped off, what he can continue to rip off, and the reward, sensibly understands that the fine is a trivial face-saver and accepts the deal. At which point the robber naturally phones his friends to say: take up bank-robbing quick, you won’t believe the deal you’ll be offered—the government has gone crazy.

This ought to be just a risible fantasy The trouble is, it’s not fantasy at all: it’s what the immigration bill actually proposes. That bill says that we’ll not only forgive you your crimes to date and not prosecute you for them (the real meaning of amnesty). We’ll also let you profit from your crime by keeping what you have illegally taken (presence in the US), and we’ll amend the law so that it does not apply to you at all and so that you can go on doing what you have been doing (the Y visas) though the old law will still apply to others who have never committed the crime you committed, and on top of all that we’ll give you a valuable reward too (citizenship with all its many benefits).

Since the left sees terrorism as a mere crime- and- punishment issue and not one of global jihad against the West, why can't they view illegal immigration the same way?

Both within our society and around the world, what message are we sending about the oddly selective way America chooses to enforce its laws?

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  • I said this from the beginning. I'm no lawyer, but we were required to take a basic law class back when I was in school. I remembered a principal that said you can't benefit from an illegal activitiy, i.e. you can't rob a bank, then claim ownership of the loot and earn interest from it in a bank account. Also, my old Civics class taught me that if you feel a law is unjust, you change the law, not grant amnesty to the law breakers. If the Federal Immigration laws are unjust, isn't it Congress' responsibility to get rid of the unjust law? Why keep it on the books and allow the law to be repeatedly broken? Where is the breakdown in logic to my 2 comments?

    By Blogger NYC_rebel, at 20 June, 2007 13:00  

  • I think the right wing deserves this bill to be passed if for no other reason than they put that fool in office without vetting him properly on the issues and his overall competence.

    By Blogger elmonica, at 20 June, 2007 13:19  

  • more importantly Rudy Giuliani's campaign chairman N.C was arrested for selling cocaine. Where is the MSM? why is this a 2 paragraph story and not a front page? lib media?

    Let's see if any RNC talk show hosts mention this one.... You can bet they would shriek if a Dem hired a coke dealer. They shrieked over Clinton "inhaling"

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 20 June, 2007 13:24  

  • I came across your blog through a technorati search and I was wondering if you'd be interested in a link exchange with Immigration Orange. I'm always looking for different perspectives to interact with and value all viewpoints. Email me at kyledeb at gmail dot com if you're interested.

    By Blogger kyledeb, at 20 June, 2007 16:43  

  • “More importantly”

    MOP you idiot. That’s more important than this bill.

    Let me try it “more importantly” State senator John Ford Juniors dad
    arrested for taking bribes in “Operation Tennessee Waltz”
    Just like your coment this has nothen to do with junior.
    Get a life MOP

    By Blogger pf1, at 21 June, 2007 00:29  

  • That’s more important than this bill.

    Everything, the bill is dead in the water freak of nature. Only big business hacks are in support of the bill and a few fringe immigration groups, THE BILL IS DEAD

    whats more important, hack?????

    A. The iraqi war
    B. Bush violating the presidental records act with disappearing emails
    C. Tim Griffin caging voters
    D. the military dumping nuclear waste in the ocean
    E. Rudy Giuliani's campaign self destructing with coke dealers and no show at the Iraq Study Group
    F. Troops returning to war injured
    G. decrease in military enrollment

    I can go on, you "R" over country freak of nature

    Do you want more?

    Again, your "hate the wetbacks" issue, is only important on the wing nut, moonbat RNC Radio circuit, the bill is DEAD... mainly because it was a cheap labor bill.
    End of story. The hacks on the radio cry about the bill for all the wrong reasons. Cons cry because they hate brown people and give no reason why they hate the bill. The bill provides security that cons cry over, but the bill provides cheap labor and the liars and hacks on the radio ignore the reason why the bill is going nowhere.

    Now Pf1, you sait there and tell me this bill is more important than Iraq?
    do you hate the troops?

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 21 June, 2007 10:16  

  • MOP you non reading idiot.

    By Blogger pf1, at 24 June, 2007 00:49  

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