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06 June 2007

Joe Scarborough Stripper Comment Response, MSNBC, Blogs


Nutty 'Morning Joe' Blames Blogs For Jeri Thompson Flap

Already in hot water over a nasty reference to GOP presidential contender Fred Thompson's wife, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has dug an even deeper hole for himself by lashing out against the bloggers who reported the story.

And before anybody decides this issue can be put to rest, please see the final paragraphs of this post.

Led by The Palmetto Scoop, sites including this one have been taking Scarborough to task for suggesting that Jeri Thompson might be a stripper, a charge he now denies. Rather than apologize, Don Imus's morning show heir apparent has chosen to ridicule blogospheric opponents.

Hey 'Morning Joe', is it that hard to say you're sorry?

Here at the Radio Equalizer, we've been blasting Joe for years, see this post for background.

Palmetto Scoop has published this partial transcript of today's ill- considered tirade:

SCARBOROUGH: Last week — and I’ll just briefly say this — last week we had a person that worked for WFAN where we did the show on Thursday and Friday talking — she is a try athlete, there a dangerous crowd — all muscle in great shape and she was talking about this exercise routine that she did and went on and on about it.

RIDLEY: Pilates?

SCARBOROUGH: Not exactly pilates –


SCARBOROUGH: She was doing the — I’m not going to tell you exactly what it is but — this exercise routine. It’s very — it’s clean. Housewives — she said I do a certain thing — housewives across America are doing it to stay fit. And Craig Crawford came on and I asked him whether Senator Thompson — because i know Senator Thompson, known him for a long time and I like the guy an awful lot. I got to tell you a Senator Thompson joke in a second. And also my best friend in Florida knows his wife and Senator Thompson. So she is a very attractive and I said “I wonder if she exercises this way.” And so the blogs twisted my words; wretched them from their context. I know this shocks you. I know this shocks you.

RIDLEY: Are you telling me that there are some folks who aren’t real journalists –

SCARBOROUGH: That sit in their basement –

RIDLEY: That sit in their basement and remove a portion of what you say and use it?

SCARBOROUGH: You know, the thing is. What is so interesting about this is other people — one person writes something and they don’t tell the truth about what happened. And then everybody else, instead of looking the transcript, copies what the other person did.

Meanwhile, an Extreme Mortman emailer who is apparently a regular MSNBC guest gives this take on the situation:

This shows a complete lack of judgment on the part of Joe Scarborough because morning talk shows are all about spontaneity and repartee. He has now shown that when he makes a mistake, he doesn’t recognize fully the mistake he has made. He won’t apologize. And he won’t level with viewers about exactly what he has said.

He has compounded his problem. He has made it worse. Joe does great at 9 p.m. in a restricted format where there is usually a script. By not correcting this problem right away, he is showing he is not ready for prime morning time talk. Everyone makes a mistake. It’s how you correct it or not correct it, that’s the test. And he has failed it.

In addition, Newsbusters actually received a protest email from Scarborough himself! Click here to see their update.

Important: your Radio Equalizer has seen several bloggers indicate this is the flap's "final chapter". Because he is still the front- runner for MSNBC's morning drive slot, his track record should continue to remain in focus.

In both politics and the media, Joe has made it clear he's one of the bad guys and his hiring should be fought tooth and nail.

In particular, his past association with the GOP is damaging for conservatives which means that our opposition should be that much louder.

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  • Some one tell Greg Cockrell, Scarborough's producer, to wring an apology out of Joe before he loses what Conservative fan base he has left.

    But sorry, Greg, I'll never watch or listen to Joe again.

    By Blogger PCD, at 06 June, 2007 15:37  

  • PCD

    you f*cking retard, how about Bill O'riley lying to your face, you idiotttttttt. The NYT had the terror story on page 1, you were suckered again by the right wing media, and you crawl back for more, you submisssive sissy

    Why hate on Scarborough?
    at least he did not lie to your face

    The times had the terror plot on PAGE 1
    oriley lied right to your face


    they show contempt for their faithful and you lap it up


    f*cking loser

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 06 June, 2007 15:57  

  • "Already in hot water over a nasty reference..."

    I don't THINK so, Brian...Americans have every right to question the character of any of these clowns that actually try to buy their way into being installed as the next president.

    Particularly when their judgements and foibles are this questionable.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 06 June, 2007 16:14  

  • He is in hot water for commenting on a hack GOP candidate, who is not really even a candidate yet?

    give me a break

    You really are a Reich winger, you take party over everything else. A good host conservative or liberal must have the guts to attack somoeone on their own side.

    strictly partison discussion is boringgggggggg.

    As much as i despise him, Michael Savage is a good host, he has the balls to attack conservatives.....
    This is why he is a success. Most Liberal hosts have the guts to attack a fellow democrat. The strict party liners are boring and are slowly fading away.

    Maloney you seriously are brain damaged, were you into LSD when you were younger? I have tripped in my lifetime, not a bad thing, but heavy LSD use causes long term brain damage, I think Brian may have doesd a little too much. His view of reality is seriously warped

    Joe does not have to apologise to anyone for speaking his opinion of a fellow conservative.

    and you wonder why people call cons fascists and Nazis..

    Is there a right wing rule on the books...

    thou shall not attack a fellow con???

    warped , sick, insane

    The stripper comment was funny, nothing wrong with it, Joe better not apologise to anyone, why should he??
    Are you supposed to be scary Brian? apologise or else??? Give me a break.

    Just to spite you, Im going to watch Joe tonight, never saw his show for a second my entire night. If he is pissing you reich wingers off, he must be doing something right!

    And just to be more spitefull (since I despise you degenrate wack jobs) I will call MSNBC and support Scarborough replacing Imus.

    What pisses off the wing-nuts, makes me smile ear to ear.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 06 June, 2007 18:57  

  • Why hasn't Fred Thompson flogged this impudent media creature Scarborough? He besmirched his wife's honor! I say again, dueling pistols at dawn is the only response an honorable Southern gentleman of Ol Fred's stature should consider. If Dubya had put a bullet between the eyes of the first reporter who suggested Laura exercises in a less than chaste manner his approval ratings would be at least as high as Rudy Guiliani's.

    Rumor has it that Rudy, yankee though he is, once had a man taken out back and soundly thrashed by a number of his aides for ogling his wife's breasts like Wolfowitz did at that fundraiser with Thompson's Jeri. Now that's manly stuff! You'll never catch Bill Clinton standing up for a lady like Rudy.

    But I digress. The longer he delays demanding satisfaction from Scarborough with at least a glove across the face the longer Thompson runs the risk of forever being branded as a liberul Hollywood pantywaist unable to protect his woman from the verbal taunts of the media. Is that what we want in a president? After 7 years of the press snickering behind Bush's back about his wife and daughters I'm ready for a change.

    A little known fact because the msm never let's you know about it is in warmups for press conferences the press is always allowed to ask some unimportant questions just to get the ball rolling. Well ever since that day back in late 2004 when Dubya didn't retaliate against David Gregory for his insinuation about Laura's daily workout it's been one question after another about squat thrusts this and pull ups that! I kid you not! No wonder he always looks so cranky on the TV these days! And that's also just about the time Dubya's poll numbers went into freefall. Coincidence? I think not.

    By Blogger markg8, at 06 June, 2007 19:24  

  • The NYT had the terror story on page 1


    Newspapers often give sports scores on the front page, tell about "happenings" inserts on the front page......and refer to news items in other sections on the front page.

    The terror plot story was deep within the paper, as BOR noted. There was a "teaser" on the front page to entice you to buy the paper and look inside. Interestingly, the teaser in this case was below the fold, so it was ineffective for any machine sales.

    By the way, your rants were highlighted today on Newsbusters.

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 07 June, 2007 09:49  

  • By the way, your rants were highlighted today on Newsbusters

    please do show me the link, I'm very proud of myself, hehehehe. hit back the link on here

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 June, 2007 10:10  

  • Ohh it was just Bob Anthony....
    If you are going to quote me, I have no problem, but you must plug our website and podcast.

    My brillance deserves to be quoted, and the podcast deserves to be plugged. I plugged this blog a few times over the air

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 June, 2007 10:15  

  • Poor Bob Anthony...such a victim of Big Pharma, and faulty thinking on the part of the medical establishment.

    He worships the very cabal that keeps him mentally in bondage.

    Very depressing.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 07 June, 2007 18:49  

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