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31 December 2007

Barack Obama Says Rush Limbaugh Is Unreachable


Obama Uses Limbaugh To Score Last-Minute Points

For well over a year, we've been subjected to a dippy "politics of hope" campaign by Barack Obama, one supposedly about bringing Americans together, rather than the "usual" divisiveness.

Over the weekend, however, Obama let his true feelings be known to potential Iowa caucusgoers. Though it received little attention between post- holiday sales and the aftermath of Benazir Bhutto's slaying, his so- called "reality check" was caught by two reporters.

From Don Frederick of the Los Angeles Times:

Barack Obama, realist

He's promoted the "politics of hope." He pressed Americans to "turn the page" and embrace a new, less-partisan approach to grappling with the nation's problems. And, of course, Barack Obama has offered himself as just the guy with the unifying skills to make this happen.

He stresses, as he seeks the Democratic presidential nomination, that he does not want to "pit red America against blue America. I want to be president of the United States of America."

Outreach has its limits, however. And The Times Maria La Ganga was at an Obama rally today in Fort Madison, Iowa, when the candidate provided a reality check.

"I'm not trying to persuade Rush Limbaugh that I'm going to be a good president," he cautioned his listeners.

We doubt that even his most ardent backers thought that was in the realm of possibility.

Here, MSNBC provides a more substantial quote:

To stress its electability argument, Obama's campaign released a series of poll numbers that showed him leading Republicans in a two-way race in a general election.

But even Obama acknowledged that for a progressive Democrats to win wide margins among conservative Republicans may be a pipe dream. "I understand that there are going to be Republican operatives that don't want to know what I'm going to say. I'm not trying to persuade Rush Limbaugh that I'm going to be a good president; you know I know he's not voting for me. I'm not trying to you know persuade the chief lobbyist for Exxon mobile about why we need to free ourselves from the dependence on foreign oil. He's not going to be persuaded," Obama said.

In talking about the power of hope, Obama also stepped outside of himself to take a look at his own candidacy in which his race could be a handicap if he were to run as the first African-American president.

"I'm a black guy running for president named Barack Obama. I must be hopeful."

Though the mainstream media can't (or won't) see through Obama's transparent ploy to divide and conquer the voting public under a "realism" rubric, what he's really up to should be obvious to the rest of us.

While Limbaugh certainly isn't likely to vote for Obama, should the latter emerge victorious from upcoming primaries, there are ways to diffuse criticisms from Rush and other talk hosts.

How about defining where you stand on the issues, Mr Obama? So far, modeling your campaign after Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's vague "Together We Can" effort of 2006 has left many people, not just conservative Republicans, wondering what exactly would occur during an Obama presidency.

Though it isn't surprising to see candidates in a dead- heat match- up stoop to such divisive tactics at the last minute, the idea of Obama as a "unifier" ought to be put to rest for good.

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  • Actually, Obama is right. There is no way Rush could or would ever be persuaded Obama'd make a good president. Rush is a bright man, and knows his audience; he knows most of his listeners would feel betrayed if he said anything substansially in favor of Obama - even if Barack made a case for himself to be the next Abraham Lincoln.

    Likewise, I wouldn't expect a Randi Rhoads to give, say, Huckabee a real chance. These hosts are truly not in the business of open-mindedness. Certainly Rush wouldn't be where he is now if he were genuinely open-minded.

    By Blogger Alec Cumming, at 02 January, 2008 22:27  

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