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24 January 2008

Al Franken Mistreats College Republican In Minnesota


For All To See, Stuart Proves He's Truly Unhinged

Our old friend Al Franken is back to his old tricks, this time exhibiting some less- than- reasonable behavior on the campaign trail. And instead of being ignored, Stuart is generating a great deal of press attention. From CJ at the Minneapolis Star- Tribune:

Franken apparently had more fun than senior history major Peter Fritz.

According to Fritz, things started out fine with him taking photos of fellow Carls with Franken. Then Franken's curiosity was raised about why Fritz didn't want to be in a pic.

He's a conservative, another Carl yelled out by way of explanation.

At that point, Franken reportedly began peppering Fritz with questions about supporting President Bush and former President Ronald Reagan's tax increases. Fritz told me that he got tense and, as he does in those situations, started chewing the inside of his mouth, a gesture he said was mimicked by Franken; Fritz said he also thought that Franken mocked his style of speech.

An aide eventually interrupted Franken's act by announcing to the candidate that it was time to go.

Fritz told me Monday that he then stuck out his hand to shake Franken's. "Well, at least it's nice to meet you," the GOPer said he told Franken, who reportedly replied, I can't say the same.

There was no handshake, Fritz said.

Said Barr: "Al doesn't remember saying that, but if the kid does, then OK. ... Al takes enough pictures with people that he doubts he would 'take umbrage' at someone not wanting one."

Although Fritz did not disagree with my use of the word "umbrage," that was how I characterized the moment in my e-mail to Barr.

I asked Barr whether Franken's electrolytes were on the decline, or whether he was in a bad mood, wasting such truculence on somebody who hasn't graduated from college yet.

"So electrolytes-wise I don't know what to tell you," Barr wrote in reply. "Certainly, it was a long, hard day of campaigning on behalf of [DFL Sen.-elect] Kevin Dahle. But Al told me he had a really good time meeting all the students -- even the ones who thought he was wrong about everything."

Fritz told me Wednesday that he was stunned by Franken's behavior: "I usually expect politicians to, at least, pretend as though, even in that kind of interaction, that they can convince me or have some kind of reasonable dialogue -- the whole Minnesota Nice thing, at least."

Fritz's version of the encounter was backed up by Pablo Kenney, prez of the Carleton Dems.

Now that Al Franken has shown the world his true nature, that of an unhinged hothead, can we put some Frankenmyths to rest? Let's start with these:

Any notion that Franken is a "comedian". When was the last time he was funny, other than unintentionally?

The idea that Al is mentally stable. No sane candidate with a desire to win would behave this way on the trail, only to generate negative headlines (in one of America's most liberal newspapers). This isn't the first time his weird antics have been in the news: remember the doggy- style exercise routine in his condo building?

Any thought that Franken has what it takes to become a US Senator. At this point, the local GOP is probably praying he will win the primary so they can obliterate him in the fall. Why is he running, anyway?

Remember: the real Al Franken is looking out only for himself and doesn't care who gets mowed down in the process. After milking Air America's cow, he's found a new group of suckers, this time in Hollywood and Minnesota. Can they stop him from undermining his own candidacy, however?

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  • Franken will not be on the ballet in November. He must beat Mike Ciresi, a big time lawyer. His take of Minnesota settlement in it's lawsuit vs "big tobacco" was half a BILLION dollars. $500,000,000 is more then enough money to bury Franken, & he is ruthless enough to do it.

    Franken is a mean spirited jerk, but Ciresi will cut his throat if it gets nasty. Ciresi also has name ID here in Minnesota, so Franken's name ID won't mean too much.

    I just hope that my Senator, Norm Coleman can hold on vs either one. We will find out in November...

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 25 January, 2008 05:49  

  • Brian, your obsession with Al Franken is a little too much. Give it (and photoshop) a rest. This can't be good for your immortal soul.

    By Blogger metrodorus, at 25 January, 2008 10:58  

  • Frankenjerk - a great description.

    The story hit the Drudge Report with the following description:


    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 25 January, 2008 11:10  

  • still ankle biting Sen Franken, such a pathetic pasty pudge. Why would Al wanna shake hands with a disgusting fat chickenhawk pantywaist gaybashing closet case scheming the next dirty tricks?

    By Blogger gregrocker, at 25 January, 2008 13:38  

  • let Brian have fun, Franken failing just might be the only thing wing-bats have to celebrate in 08


    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 26 January, 2008 13:53  

  • Brian, keep up with the Franken photoshop pictures. They are super, especially for those of us in Minnesota. I am still wondering what he is doing with all the Hollywood money he got. It certainly is not being spent on any form of mass media.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 28 January, 2008 09:15  

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