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06 March 2008

Libtalker Ed Schultz Says Al Franken Must 'Clear The Air'


Libtalker Wants Truth, Franken Passes Buck To Accountants

While running for the US Senate, can Al Franken count on unquestioning support from liberal talk radio? Despite his own past ties to the medium, the answer is apparently no.

That was evident yesterday, as news broke of a new Frankenflap, this time related to the trouble he's facing in New York. There, state officials have fined Stuart's company $25,000 for failing to pay worker's compensation coverage. So much for looking out for working people!

While the left might be expected to uniformly back Franken as he faces yet another controversy, that didn't occur on yesterday's Ed Schultz Show, where the Fargo- based syndicated libtalker insisted he must "clear the air":

Meanwhile, Franken has agreed to pay the $25,000 fine, but is ready to pass the buck to his accountants, according to the Star- Tribune:

While his accountant investigates what happened, DFL Senate candidate Al Franken will pay a $25,000 penalty he owes New York state for failing to carry workers' compensation insurance for nearly three years for people who worked for his personal corporation.

"We decided to make the payment and the accountant can deal with the files," which promises to be a complicated and detailed process, said Jess McIntosh, a spokeswoman for the Franken campaign.

If it turns out that the New York Workers' Compensation Board was in error, Franken's corporation -- Alan Franken Inc. -- would likely receive a rebate on the penalty, she said. State officials assured Franken's accountant Wednesday that they weren't surrendering their rights by paying the fine now.

Interestingly, that's the same approach he took to disavowing any knowledge of Air America's sleazy taxpayer funds diversion, where $875,000 in taxpayer funds meant for a Bronx- based charity were "loaned" to the network. In Al's world, get into a jam, pass the buck to the accountants:

"I think [Cohen] was robbing Peter to pay Paul," Franken said, adding that the network's current owners, Piquant LLC, did some "forensic accounting" and learned about the defaulted loan.

Franken said Piquant didn't legally have to pay back the loan, "but we morally do, so they started to make arrangements to pay it back.

"I didn't know anything about this until last week," Franken claimed.

Perhaps we should all use this excuse: yes, officer, I'm not sure if I robbed that bank, let me check with my accountants. That should work like a charm.

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  • as a fighter for labor rights I say F*ck you Franken, I mean it. For once I'm on the same page as Maloney. How dare you screw your people over?
    This seems to be a legit issue this time, I'm disgusted

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 06 March, 2008 21:49  

  • When the MoP can agree with Maloney about an issue, the world is about to end.

    I will state that if Franken is the nominee, which is getting to be more likely every day in Minnesota, Coleman will probably be able to win it by 10 points.

    Depending, that is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 March, 2008 01:16  

  • I guess Franken's elderly elementary school teacher in his commercial forgot to tell us that Allen also use to steal the other kid's pencils.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 March, 2008 09:26  

  • Of course now Franken is a scum bag, but the G.O.P and Cheney are raping this country and are a bunch of cheats, using this war for pure profits and not paying any taxes

    I do believe this is more important

    So free market Repubbies , explain how Cheney has nothing to do with what KBR is getting away with?

    This administration are the biggest bunch of crooks alive, the sooner you Repubbies come to grips with this, the sooner America will respect conservtives again.

    Time is ticking, the G.O.P will be destroyed unless your party comes to grips with the corrupt Bush administration and denounces it.
    80% of tghe nation associates corruprtion with the G.O.P

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 07 March, 2008 10:29  

  • Bush and Cheney do not matter anymore. They are, as y'all like to call them, lame ducks.

    Trying to feed off the hatred is not going to get you anywhere anymore.

    Just stick to agreeing that Al Franken is going to lose his ass, and everything is gonna be alright.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 March, 2008 00:47  

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