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16 April 2008

Al Sharpton Planning Anti-FOX For Correspondents Dinner


Sharpton Cooks Up Stunt For Radio-Television Dinner

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Just what does The Reverend Al Sharpton have cooked up for tonight's Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner?

Several times this week, Sharpton has dropped hints during his radio talk show that he intends to confront FOX News personalities such as Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly, at one point using the word "haunt" to describe his planned stunt.

So what can those in attendance at the Washington Hilton expect tonight? Will he dance on the FOX tables, unfurl a banner, or merely start an argument that the mainstream media can quickly blame on Bill O'Reilly?

Keep in mind, Sharpton wrote the book on public stunts, so expect fireworks.

From his own words:

SHARPTON (14 April Hour One): I’m supposed to go to the correspondents dinner in Washington Wednesday. I can’t wait to see O’Reilly and Hannity and these right wing correspondents and jump on them about their distortions and let them fight back.

Some of you all just duck these people. I don’t mind standing up to these people. Somebody needs to stand up. And it’s not to convince them, it’s so the ten percent of us who listen to them need to hear some sanity cause it is crazy.

SHARPTON (16 April Hour One): I’m going tonight to the White House Correspondents dinner. I’m going to haunt the Fox Folks and other folks because it will be Mr. Bush’s last White House Correspondence Dinner. And ah I’m sure ah that at least I’ll be happy that next year there will be a new President doing it. Hopefully the one I want, but certainly it won’t be this one.

Stay tuned- we've got eyes in the room and will let you know if Sharpton follows up on his threats.

By the way, Sharpton is clearly confused as to which dinner he's attending tonight, it isn't the White House Correspondents Dinner, to be held 26 April.

UPDATE: Sharpton was all talk and no action, according to an event participant. Looks like his on-air thundering was meant to head off any criticism in advance of his attendance at the event, where he was a guest of the FOX News Channel! He sat at one of three FOX tables.

That might not play especially well with the left, where he could be seen as sucking-up in exchange for airtime.

Our spies were watching, however, just in case he followed through with his tough talk.

Since he decided to chicken out rather than "stand up", what will he tell his radio listeners?

SECOND UPDATE: Sharpton really weaseled out of the issue today, replacing yesterday's tough talk with a rather tame analysis of last night's event:

SHARPTON (17 April hour one, segment one): I had an interesting discussion, sat a while in our back and forth with Bill O’Reilly as I said. A lot of the notables from TV broadcast media there from Tim Russert to Brian Williams to the FOX crowd to Wolf Blitzer. What is very interesting to me is what they are focusing on and what they are not focusing on, which I raised in discussions with various ones there. You know you would almost think that there are no health-care and educational and economical needs in the country.

This whole obsession they have on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and other issues like that is in my opinion a real diversion and a real way to try and disrupt and dislodge the campaign of Barack Obama because at the end of the day it has very little to do, in my judgment who can effectively be President of the United States.

So Sharpton's planned "haunting" of FOX News apparently turned into high tea, where a pleasant conversation on the issues was had by all. Notice how he fails to mention he was there as a guest of FOX.

The Reverend is clearly playing both sides for fun, profit and free meals. When will the left realize they're being had?

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  • Please make sure to let us know how Sharpton will attempt to weasal out of this one.

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 April, 2008 19:02  

  • 1. Has an enjoyable dinner in a Harlem restaurant with Bill O'Reilly
    2. Does a global warming commercial side-by-side with Pat Robertson
    3. Sits at a Fox table at the correspondents dinner

    What happened to the Al Sharpton we used to know???

    By Blogger Missouri Show Me, at 17 April, 2008 19:20  

  • "When will the left realize they're being had?"

    Probably never.

    By Blogger Carl, at 17 April, 2008 22:45  

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