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22 May 2008

CN8's Barry Nolan Fired Over Anti-Bill O'Reilly Emmy Stunt


Over O'Reilly Critic's Sacking, Outrage Machine Cranked Up

An over- the- top campaign to deny Bill O'Reilly an Emmy award has backfired against a longtime rival, resulting in his sacking from a regional cable news network.

Onetime Hard Copy host Barry Nolan has been canned from his position as host on the regional CN8 news channel, which is carried in northeastern states, according to the Boston Herald's Jessica Heslam.

As we reported in April, Nolan began a partisan campaign to withhold O'Reilly's Emmy because he "mangles the truth." From the Herald's coverage at the time:

CN8’s Barry Nolan says Fox News bigfoot Bill O’Reilly is “a mental case,” and Nolan’s crazy mad that the local Emmy Awards will honor Mr. No Spin Zone at their 31st annual back-slapfest next month.

“I am appalled, just appalled,” Nolan told the Track. “He inflates and constantly mangles the truth . . . and his frequent target is the ‘left-leaning’ media - the ones who do report the news fairly. And those are the same people who will be sitting in the room honoring him.”

Nolan, citing an Indiana University study that claims O’Reilly - a former Channel 7 anchor - calls a person or group a derogatory name once every 6.8 seconds on average, has been busy ringing up local TV types to get their support for his “Rescind O’Reilly” effort. He claims former WBZ anchor Liz Walker is on board.

“I hope people will express their displeasure to the board of governors and they’ll rescind their decision,” he said. “It’s morally unacceptable.”

That’s not happening, said Boston/New England Emmy Awards cheese Tim Egan.

The local awards gurus think O’Reilly’s career is something to be celebrated since he came from the Boston market then made a name for himself nationally with “Inside Edition” and the FOX News Channel.

“You may not agree with him, but you can’t say he hasn’t increased the political conversation in this country with his style of broadcasting,” Egan said.

As could be expected, Nolan's termination is not sitting well with serial O'Reilly haters, including those at Think Progress. And Bay State Liberal moved straight into conspiracy territory:

Could it be that News Corp., the owner of the Fox Network, Fox News Channel and sundry other Fox properties -- not to mention the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post -- may have suggested it was in Comcast's economic interests to can a D List personality in the hopes of retaining decent relations with a large source of revenue?

Meanwhile, mainstream media outlets have also been quick to pick up the story:

Comcast confirmed Nolan’s firing in a statement.

"I knew going in that there was serious risk that I'd lose my job," Nolan told the Boston Herald. "But nobody likes it when people tell them to stifle, not even Edith Bunker."

Nolan quietly handed out fliers at the awards ceremony, before security asked him to stop.

At the awards dinner, O'Reilly had no comment on Nolan's protest.

Now that Nolan has seen his prediction come true, will his new O'Reilly- bashing friends come through for him with a new gig, or quickly move on once he is no longer able to provide partisan fodder for their cause?

ELSEWHERE: talk host Melanie Morgan has set up a petition to call on MSNBC to suspend Keith Olbermann after he accused Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham of "hating our troops". We covered the topic here.

Sign Morgan's petition here.

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  • So a journalist expresses an opinion, and gets fired. And yet Brian apparently applauds it. Had it been the other way around...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 May, 2008 15:30  

  • To borrow a quote from Nelson on the Simpsons "Ha Ha!" One of the best cases of poetic justice ever

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 May, 2008 15:45  

  • Bill O'Reilly is to Journalism what Benny Hinn is to Christianity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 May, 2008 13:32  

  • The Left-leaning Media reports the news FAIRLY?

    That's news to me.

    I needed a good laugh to start off the day.

    Moonbats... Always good for a chuckle.

    By Anonymous RogerCfromSD, at 13 June, 2008 12:34  

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