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08 May 2008

Stephanie Miller Ridicules Samoans, Calls Laura Ingraham Racist


When Libtalkers Live In Glass Houses


Just two days ago, our lefty friends tried to nail Rush Limbaugh after he admitted to briefly mistaking Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for a "shoe-shine guy or Secret Service Agent" in a Manhattan steakhouse.

Because they wrongly believe an elected official is somehow above criticism if he happens to be Hispanic, the "progressive" side of the Internet thought the flap would stick to El Rushbo, but it didn't.

But what happens when a culturally insensitive statement is made by one of their own? Do they turn on the OUTRAGE (!!!) machine, or hope the whole mess goes away?

Thanks to libtalker Stephanie Miller, we're about to put those questions to the test. As she characterizes all Samoans as fat, will they stand by her?

And when she subsequently accuses Laura Ingraham of harboring racist views, does that further undermine her credibility?

From Monday's show, let's take a look at both the transcript and our exclusive YouTube clip:

MILLER: We won Guam! Obama wins Guam (applause)

CHRIS LAVOIE, PRODUCER: Nah, it's a wash because each one of them gets two delegates.

MILLER: And, Hillary won American Samoa and they weigh more. So technically, she is probably, in terms of small places with large people (more applause), she's uh...

LAVOIE: Guam doesn't have large people.

MILLER: No, but Samoa does. And I'm just saying if it gets down to that, and it may get down to the weighing of delegates, they are bigger.


MILLER: Talking about dividers as opposed to uniters... Does this seem vaguely racist of Laura Ingraham?

(Sound byte from Ingraham's show stating high percentage of African-Americans agree with many of Rev. Wright's conspiracy theories)

MILLER: Hmm... See, they're different than you.

LAVOIE: Maybe it is because they've been victims of lots of conspiracies. For example, a conspiracy to keep them from voting.

MILLER: I was telling Chris before the show, this is just so insidious with the right wing and frankly the Clinton camp, is trying to do. And that is splitting Americans and the Democratic Party along racial lines... There is an article in Newsweek about how to make him the "other", he is the "other".

And here's the YouTube clip:

While it is true that a higher- than- average number of Samoans could be classified as overweight, why did Miller believe it was okay to characterize the entire population this way, especially for comedic (yet highly derogatory) effect?

So, to our lefty friends, we'd like to know: will the OUTRAGE (!!!) machine remain off this time in order to protect one of your own?

ELSEWHERE: Air America host compares Rush's Operation Chaos to religious bigotry against JFK in 1960

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  • "So, to our lefty friends, we'd like to know: will the OUTRAGE (!!!) machine remain off this time in order to protect one of your own?"

    Hard to say.

    As improbable as it is, it would appear that Ingraham has a legitimate point...most blacks DO agree with Wright.

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 08 May, 2008 01:45  

  • Actually, the governor of American Samoa has described his population as overweight. He made it his top campaign theme, and has launched an island-wide fitness program.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 May, 2008 07:02  

  • "the governor of American Samoa has described his population as overweight."

    That does not excuse the comments made by Miller.

    By Anonymous lenny, at 08 May, 2008 19:24  

  • outrages this hack Miller provocates

    children of American Samoa have died in this War that they did not ask for or understand

    Our children went to War for this Lib. to talk her mouth off like this?

    We have a screwed up country for sure?, the mouth of a person sure can disregard a whole people in one swoop

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 May, 2008 14:58  

  • Lefty crank up the machine of rhetoric close in an election.

    Hitler did the same thing to rouse up Germany. History provides us a great lesson, to understand people like Miller a nobody with a BIG mouth.

    Samoans have contibuted more dead men and women to this War per capita and probably the most nobelest of people left on this planet. They honor the U.S.A even the expense of the future of their children.

    Our children are in a War that we did not ask for and do not vote for, but yet they die and die like any other child in America to give a BIG mouth yack machine like this @sshole Miller the right to stupify the public.

    Go Miller, Keep up the good work!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 May, 2008 14:59  

  • Hey I saw Stephanie, equal-radio, and ghost of wellstone took some shots at you. I guess recognizing comedy versus actual racial intent from the right is where the silence comes from.

    By Blogger giles29, at 15 May, 2008 00:21  

  • Stephanie Miller ~ One of the most Genuine
    Gutsy Woman on the radio. In league with the great Randi Rhodes & Rachel Maddow.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 May, 2008 03:35  

  • Brian, Respectfully, it's time to update the comments counter on this thread.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 May, 2008 11:40  

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