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11 July 2008

New Questions Raised About Jesse Jackson's Motives


Jackson's Anti-Obama Outburst May Have Been Intentional

Was Jesse Jackson's hot mic tirade against Barack Obama nothing more than a political dirty trick? Two days after his obscene remarks captured the nation's attention (and fueled cable news and talk programming, as well as high ratings), new questions are being raised about his possible aims and motives.

For one thing, was he trying to harm or help Obama?

There are two schools of thought on that subject. At the New York Post, DC Bureau Chief Charles Hurt trashes Jackson, while making his sympathies for Obama clear:

Jackson's claim to have been caught unbeknownst by a "hot mike" slurring and threatening Barack Obama is complete hogwash.

Somewhere, deep down, he wanted the world - and Obama - to know how much he wants to "cut his nuts out."

Veterinarians and doctors talk about cutting nuts "off." Only a thug or a gangster cuts a man's nuts "out."

And Jackson knows better than most the vicious symbolism of castration and its blood-soaked link to lynchings in the Old South.

Nor is this the first time Jackson bared his anger. Last year, when Obama wasn't sufficiently politicizing the beating prosecution of six black teens in Louisiana known as the "Jena Six," Jackson said Obama was "acting white."


Perhaps the real reason for Jackson's hatred is that Obama has shown that unifying and uplifting campaigns succeed in American politics where the divisive failed campaigns waged by Jackson become history's footnotes.

And this is where Obama comes out ahead once all the dust settles.

By publicly accepting Jackson's apology, Obama floated above the whole sordid mess.

For everyone watching - especially those blue-collar white voters who were so elusive for him in the primary - this is a powerful reminder that Obama is not cut from the same cloth as the militant race-baiter Jesse Jackson and his ilk.

But a more compelling theory comes from one of our own commenters, CarlyD, who believes this was staged to boost Obama's candidacy:

I'm so sick of the Machiavellianism of the Obama campaign operatives and their orchestrated "Good Cop - Bad Cop" routines!

-- Bad Cop Reverend Wright- Good Cop Obama disowns him.

-- Bad Cop Gen. Clark disses McCain- Good Cop Obama praises McCain and 'disagrees' with Clark.

--- Bad Cop Jesse Jackson insults Obama - Good Cop Obama benefits from backlash.

(``It reinforces Obama's effort to present himself as an advocate of responsible personal behavior, a position that Republican candidates like to secure as uniquely their own,'' --reported on Drudge)

Doesn't anyone else get it ??!!!??!? The public is numb.


Exactly: Jackson takes the hit in order to boost Obama's standing with middle America. Suddenly, the Democratic nominee appears mainstream, as opposed to Jackson's extremism.

So why are we falling for the Reverend's two-bit political stunt? Do you really believe he doesn't know when his mic is turned on?

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  • Yesterday you wrote: "both the O'Reilly Factor and Hannity & Colmes should expect record viewership."

    Like usual, your prediction was wrong. Normal ratings for both shows:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 July, 2008 08:46  

  • You're getting a little "Building Seven"-ish again, Brian.

    (The real disgrace was Jackson's son, throwing his own FATHER under the bus...)

    Such savages.

    By Anonymous hashfanatic, at 12 July, 2008 08:50  

  • Can't agree with you on this one, Brian. I have a deep aversion to conspiracy theories in general, I have to admit, but this is a stretch. I just think it was a case of Jesse Jackson acting like an idiotic lout, which is what he always has been.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 July, 2008 20:00  

  • If this was truly intentional, Jackson wouldn't have said in this manner. After all, no one at Fox News even noticed, until a night-shift tech picked up on it while filing tape.

    First Brian says it's a big problem for Obama. Then when it turns out to be ok -- maybe even positive -- for Obama, he decides it must be a conspiracy. Strike one. Strike two.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 July, 2008 16:28  

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