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03 June 2009

State-Controlled Media Shun Mark Levin's Best Selling Book


Shunned By Media, Levin Book Set To Sell One Million Copies

While the state-controlled media continues to shun him, syndicated radio talk host Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto is on track to sell a stunning one million copies, if it hasn't already done so. More than that number have now been printed by Simon and Schuster, its publisher.

And late today, it was revealed that the book will appear as number one on the New York Times Bestseller List for the ninth time in the past ten weeks. At Amazon, it remained in first place in books for over a month and has since generally found a home in the top ten or close to it (it ranks 12 at the moment).

But while conservative outlets have reviewed and discussed the book widely, the state-controlled mainstream media has almost completely ignored Liberty and Tyranny. Despite topping their sales list, you won't even find a review of the book in the New York Times. Don't bother checking other daily newspapers, either, as they've also found it unworthy of discussion.

To get a sense of what it all means, particularly since this is the most successful conservative book release in many years, your Radio Equalizer checked in with Levin himself. From the interview:

RADIO EQUALIZER: Mark, despite its success, I've not been able to find any real mainstream media coverage of your book. Why do you think that is the case?

MARK LEVIN: The mainstream media want to anoint our representatives and spokesmen. They have no connection with the conservative grassroots. They have disdain for them. They're not confident debating a thinking, principled conservative who promotes a viewpoint and way of life that differs from their own. Most of the mainstream media have become propagandists for the statist agenda.

TRE: Why do you believe the book has done so well despite the lack of press attention? What does it say about the future of the conservative movement?

LEVIN: First, I do want to thank my brothers and sisters in talk radio who asked me to appear on their programs to discuss Liberty and Tyranny. Also, Rush and Sean have been behind the book from the start. And Fox & Friends and Neil Cavuto helped launched the book as well. In particular, my wonderful audience has been receptive to the book, the contents of which we discuss at length during the program.

The book touches a nerve because it explains why we must be informed about our principles and confident in advancing them, especially during dire times such as these. The book resonates not only with conservatives but others because it goes back to first principles, from the great classical philosophers and the founding fathers to more recent thinkers and statesmen.

It takes on the big issues and deconstructs them from a conservative perspective. The book also examines the thinking and motivations of the statist, who doesn't share our reverence for the fundamental greatest of our society. It's a serious book about serious times.

TRE: Do you believe its strong sales will lead to a flood of new books with political themes, especially from conservatives?

LEVIN: It's already apparent that some publishing houses are trying to imitate the success of Liberty and Tyranny. What's that old line -- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Let me put it this way: I am becoming increasingly flattered.

The story not being told in the mainstream media is that this book is the most popular and successful non-fiction book in the country, and has been for over two months; and it has succeeded without a single major media story or ad buy. This is a harbinger of a grassroots sentiment.

Levin is correct: a flood of copycats is expected to hit later this year, with shifty-eyed, credibility-challenged MSNBC Morning Host / Resident Squish Joe Scarborough kicking things off next week.

As the state-controlled media truly does enjoy selecting its own "conservative" leaders, one might expect Scarborough's book to generate the publicity that has eluded Levin.

For conservatives, the lesson here is that they don't need the mainstream media to promote their work. Word of mouth, in addition to talk radio and the blogosphere can ignite the sales of a high-quality book to levels that have their state-controlled foes green with envy.

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  • How transparently biased can you get? Every socialism-espousing, Bush-hating, Iraq-War-opposing dimwit they review in papers and invite on talk shows.

    But the author of arguably one of the most important books of this era? Naaah.

    Typical. Liberal. Media.
    The Jewish Republican's Web Sanctuary

    By Anonymous EricTheRed, at 03 June, 2009 22:03  

  • Thank me!

    By Blogger Brian72, at 04 June, 2009 01:33  

  • Good for Mark.

    I wish conservatives were as willing to help the movement with their wallets as they are the books

    By Blogger GeronL, at 04 June, 2009 02:53  

  • Brian,

    I don't usually do this, but I clicked on your Amazon ad to order this book. I am supporting both you and Levin. I'm doing more than the usual Liberal blowhards, like MoPoop, who just bloviate. I'm putting my money behind my opinion.

    By Blogger PCD, at 04 June, 2009 08:39  

  • 80% of the copies are bought by think tanks, my buddy got one from the AEI, keep this in perspectve

    to give credit, the book is better than most of it's kind, I read it

    too bad Levin dumbs thigs down on the radio, he's not as stupid as he sounds on the radio, this book proves it

    By Anonymous Rush'soxydealer, at 04 June, 2009 14:44  

  • Marketers always pay lip-service to the power of 'word of mouth' advertising. Well, we're seeing the real thing in operation here!

    By Blogger Brian H, at 04 June, 2009 19:13  

  • At least for now it's possible to an end-run around the traditional media. I'm sure to the Left this book is another reason why free speech should be squelched in this country. Levin's book is a hit precisely because it contains fundamental truths and calls us back to our founding principles at a time when government is completely out of control. This timely book ought to be thoroughly discussed and debated in the media -- you'd think they'd want to discredit it completely -- but instead they ignore the essential issues Levin raises. This just shows their disdain of traditional values, the Constitution or our liberty.

    By Anonymous Appalachian Conservative, at 04 June, 2009 21:52  

  • Levin - what a charming man:

    MARK LEVIN: Answer me this, are you a married woman? Yes or no?

    CALLER: Yes.

    MARK LEVIN: Well I don’t know why your husband doesn’t put a gun to his temple. Get the hell out of here.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 June, 2009 16:48  

  • Purchased by conservative think tanks with money's stolen from working Americans.

    Wait, They will show up for a nickle on amazon . . .

    By Anonymous Anonymous One, at 05 June, 2009 22:22  

  • To poster saying 80% of Mr. Levin's books have been bought by think thanks, what is your source for this statistic? Thanks.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 05 June, 2009 23:50  

  • What Liberal Media ?

    They're practically all (90%) republicans / conseratives all channels all the time.

    liz cheney 22 times in one month!

    How does that help America . . .

    By Anonymous Anonymous One, at 06 June, 2009 11:43  

  • Hi, I am an American born in Cuba. I already bought three "Liberty and Tiranny"books to give away to people of influence. I will buy three more books to give away and plan to keep buying. This is a great book that make us be grateful to this nation that received so many loving freedom Cubans. We know what piece of trash is the Socialist system and how fast it destroys a nation.Thank Dr. Levin, you are great! Love from the Cubans in Miami.

    By Blogger Siboney, at 06 June, 2009 21:39  

  • How many non-fiction books sell a million copies in two months. And if a liberal had written such a book that did that, what do you think the state run media would be doing for the author?

    The bias is obvious and unseemly. Why would anyone call them the satae run media? Just like Stalin's Russia.

    By Blogger 10ksnooker, at 07 June, 2009 13:48  

  • @soxydealer

    ironically you made this post on June 4th. Have you heard the show from June 4th? It's not dumb to lay out the actual (largely unreported) history of Palestine, and the Grand Mufti (uncle/predecessor to Yasser Arafat), friend/partners with Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, the SS. Fellow Jew haters all.

    I don't care much for backhanded compliments as you tear him down while speaking well of the book. His radio show is entertaining, but there's plenty of depth. I'm all FOR it.

    By Anonymous Blaine, at 08 June, 2009 03:14  

  • You also have to consider that even within Conservative TalkRadio ranks, like any social group there are factions and cliques. Such is the nature of the competitive industry.

    Levin has the benefit of being great friends with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity but he is openly hostile to Glenn Beck and Michael Savage who have big audiences threatening Hannity's #2 spot.

    Even while its harmonious it can seem awkward, like when Levin appeared on Hugh Hewitt's program to promote his book.

    It speaks a lot to the success of Levin's book. There are a lot of nuances within each of the talker's audiences despite their shared ideology

    By Blogger PunditFight, at 08 June, 2009 06:39  

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