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04 November 2009

MSNBC Outlines Plan To Gerrymander NY-23 Out Of Existence


MSNBC: Dems Plan To Eliminate NY Swing District

Now THAT will
teach those conservative teabaggers not to run viable candidates in Upstate New York!

In a remarkable moment of candor, MSNBC's Larry O'Donnell has revealed to Rachel Maddow the Democratic Party's plan to gerrymander NY-23 out of existence, all to benefit neighboring incumbents. Aren't these schemes usually cooked up in secret?

Swing districts? Those are a thing of the past.

And that new guy, Democrat Bill Owens? Before even taking office, he's already been thrown under the bus.

Here's the clip and transcript:

O'DONNELL (04:11 in segment on Maddow MSNBC site titled "Drawing lessons from NY-23"): It is surrounded by Democratic districts, it's going to get chopped up, and it's going to be represented by a few other people and the 23rd will no longer exist.

MADDOW: When it does get chopped up, when there is a new 23rd, is it expected to be a Republican or Democratic district?

O'DONNELL: It will be Democrat because what they're going to do is simply slice into it from the surrounding Democratic seats and preserve all those Democratic seats and, you know, give each one of those districts just enough of the difficult Republican part for them to survive.

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  • the power of Beck and Limbaugh resulted in a loss for the radical conservative movement

    no point in attacking talk radio, con talk radio always helps normal politicians win, mainly moderate democrats

    when Limbaugh talks the opposite happens

    how did operation chaos go?
    another in a long line of Limbaugh failures

    he talks America does the opposite

    By Anonymous profitsoverAmericansConsaretraitors, at 05 November, 2009 13:50  

  • "Consaretraitors"

    Dude, get some help. Reality elludes you.

    By Blogger Darleen, at 08 November, 2009 18:46  

  • Capitalization and punctuation elude him, too.

    Along with logic, reason and insanity.

    Oh, and the opposite sex.

    By Blogger msspurlock, at 19 November, 2009 18:04  

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