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07 December 2009

Left Uncharacteristically Silent On Shatner's Limbaugh Interview


Lefties Oddly Mum On Limbaugh's Chat With Shatner

As it's not like the left to ignore an opportunity to pounce on Rush Limbaugh, their uncharacteristic silence regarding his interview with William Shatner says a lot about what the former is beginning to accomplish in the court of public opinion.

After years of dehumanizing El Rushbo via every imaginable "progressive" trick, his recent efforts to turn the tables through a series of visits to atypical venues have foes searching for new methods of attack.

Shatner's interview with Limbaugh was brilliant, revealing an especially personal side unfamiliar even to his most dedicated fans. Though Rush sometimes talks about his childhood and past struggles on the program, the Star Trek legend managed to dig deeper, with an impressive outcome. What could an angry leftist do other than ignore the results?

In this excerpt, Limbaugh discusses his painful (but ultimately successful) attempts at kicking a prescription drug addiction, in addition to his earliest attempts at "radio broadcasting" from home.

For comparison, just below it is a clip from parochial Seattle hothead Ron Reagan's Air America show in September.

Which one comes across as likable? How effective are the "pill-popper" references and fat jokes up against El Rushbo's own admissions regarding past struggles?

By no means has
the left given up on its clear aim of defeating Limbaugh, but his most recent efforts have forced them to regroup, at least for the time being.

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  • Could you post Randi Rhodes ratings. Her show in Seatle was canceled. I heard her tell a caller she has 10 million listeners.She also said she had 400,000 members on her message board. I checked & there were about 1,500 members. What up? She's a colleauge of Rushs Limbaughs.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 December, 2009 18:11  

  • Who in the hell cares about this fat racist drug addict?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 December, 2009 06:01  

  • Wow! What substantive comments from Ron Reagan on Limbaugh. Just Kidding. Ron Reagan is reaching into thin air without any substance.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 December, 2009 07:53  

  • Just one interview, they'll be back at it next time he says something, just like they were when he tried to buy a football team.

    If I were a liberal, though, I'd attack him for being a pill-popper and for being a quitter (as he admitted to quitting cub scouts and stuff) and for his other family problems when he was younger, because my audience would be really stupid, and I'd be really stupid, so we would all get a good laugh.

    By Blogger barry bonds, at 08 December, 2009 09:30  

  • Ron Reagan Jr. had a television talk show in the very early 90s. Rush appeared on the show and RR treated him like crap even then. RR is just a low class hater.

    By Anonymous Bob, at 08 December, 2009 13:31  

  • Liberals are just SO full of hate, they're not happy unless everybody is feels just as bad as they do. So one of the first things they do, is bring everybody down to their level by insulting everybody that is above them. And this is supposed to be the party of love and peace and compassion? Ha! What a joke, the party of HATE.

    Just compare hot air America to Rush's show. They're pathetic! They have no listeners, who wants to listen to that crap for hours at a time?

    And they hate it!!!

    By Anonymous George Johnson, at 08 December, 2009 16:00  

  • Question about why Ronald Reagan was such a bad father?

    If liberals want to attack conservatives for not upholding family values, the fact that Reagan raised this kid is the perfect example.

    By Blogger barry bonds, at 08 December, 2009 20:49  

  • "Who in the hell cares about this fat racist drug addict?"
    Far more people than will ever miss your oafish rantings.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 December, 2009 22:56  

  • That’s what makes Rush so good he can completely piss off liberals. They are to stupid to argue a point all they can do is name call and make them selves look stupid. Got to love him.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 December, 2009 05:50  

  • you are the last of the retards

    America is done with liberal, conservative, Republican, democrat

    revolution is in the air Maloney

    the elitists running this country will be overthrown

    all of them
    all of them are nothing but puppets for the NWO including Rush

    we will defeat political antagonizers such as Rush, who is nothing but a puppet for the New world Oder asnd the elite terrorists running this country for the last 50 or so years

    you fools still do not get it... you're all stuck on stupid

    more people are listening to Alex Jones internet radio show by the day, setting records.... Rush is an NWO puppet, real Americans know this. in reality Alex Jones has 100 times more listeners than Rush..... Your time is up, MSM time is up, the puppets working for the eliteare being exposed, outed and rejected by million of Americans

    200 million of us are armed, we will overthrow the elitists

    your political game will END in BLOODSHED...Time to wisen up,and stop being a political antagonizer

    your time is up
    Rush's time is up
    Fox News time is up
    MSNBC's time is up
    Cnn's time is up
    Hannity, Levin, Savage, Ingrham, Coulter, Medved, Rhodes, Reagan, Montel, Hartman, left, right, conservative, liberal

    all of your time is about to come
    patriots will take America back... we will unite as WORKING CLASS AMERICANS
    not cons
    not libs
    not Democrats
    not Republicans

    we are going to overthrow the elitists

    their paradigm of left and right is about to end

    where will you stand Brian?

    will you remain a political antagonizers playing your lib -vs- con game

    become an American, your circle is growing smaller every f*c*ing da


    there is no left
    there is no right

    it is America and the elite

    your nothing but a sock puppet

    what will you do?
    what will you do? When Americans rise up

    By Anonymous DESTROYTHEPARADIGM, at 11 December, 2009 14:28  

  • My my, you are an angry little one? Ain't you?

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 13 December, 2009 00:04  

  • Is anyone else wondering who the hell is Alex Jones with a 100 times more listeners than Rush You think someone would no of him. But than again MOP thought he had a internet talk show that was big.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 December, 2009 03:33  

  • Alex jones is on the presidents enemy lis, Rush is NOT..... is the most popular alternative news source on the internet.

    Alex Jones started the tea parties.... which were hijacked by the MSM and fox news.

    Alex Jones is the most successful internet based news-entertainment source in the country

    Alex jones Obama have been watched by millions of people

    As far as my show.. I QUIT.... my politics were shifting to the right.. according to my co-host, because I did not kiss Obama's ass

    By Anonymous MOP, at 14 December, 2009 13:37  

  • Rhodes=horrible

    Obama ass kisser

    not a liberal but a DNC hack

    I hope see gets dropped by everyone

    boring radio

    By Anonymous rhodeslovesDNC, at 14 December, 2009 13:38  

  • destroytheparadigm: Bring it, big man.

    By Anonymous Larry@GTMO, at 21 December, 2009 16:50  

  • To People saying that Alex Jones has 100 times more listeners than limbaugh? where is a link or something to verify this. I believe very strongly in the truth movement that alex and many others are leading. But if is very hard to believe that alex jones gets 100 times more listeners than limbaugh.

    By Anonymous will, at 27 July, 2010 17:49  

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