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03 February 2010

Bankrupt Air America Paid Rachel Maddow For No-Show Job


Bankrupt AAR Paid Her For Nothing, Book Deal Questioned

No wonder these guys went bankrupt- no-show jobs are for the public sector, not private industry! As Air America Radio's bankruptcy brings public disclosure of its battered finances, some fascinating details have begun to emerge about how it was run.

The New York Times reports today that several AAR hosts and others were left holding the bag when the libtalk network abruptly shut down in January, including Ron Reagan, Ana Marie Cox and Rachel Maddow.

Wait a second: Rachel Maddow?

The same Rachel Maddow who gave up radio hosting duties over a year ago?

Yes, for a no-show "job" right out of an Obamist stimulus scheme, the MSNBC talker was paid $70,000 per annum for a one-hour audio-only rerun of the previous night's cable program. Segments were cut up to fit network radio's format and a few brief pre-recorded introductions were added using Maddow's voice.

Nice work if you can get it! Interestingly, to host a three-hour live program, Ron Reagan was paid only about a third more than Rachel.

When it first became clear Maddow was not hosting a live program for Air America, your Radio Equalizer had a heck of a time getting anyone on her side of the fence to admit to that. Instead, the network and her supporters were happy to pretend it was an original broadcast.

Nor will she ever express regret or remorse that Boys & Girls Club funds covered network operating expenses in 2005!

Was a low-rated Maddow rerun from 12 hours earlier in audio-only form really worth $70,000 a year? And what did airing it accomplish for Air America?

But that's not the only Maddow-related, money-centered controversy brewing today: what happened to Rachel's book? From today's New York Post:

Where is MSNBC news anchor Rachel Maddow 's book?

In 2008, when she was a rising political analyst without her own show, she inked what was believed to be a low-six-figure deal to write about the shifting role of the military.

The book was delayed beyond its 2009 publication date, and now it appears the original idea has been scrapped.

Random House's Crown imprint referred calls to Laurie Liss of Sterling Lord Literistic. "She's been very busy lately," the agent said. "Hopefully, she will hand something in by the end of this year."

The topic, she said, has "changed so many times. It's non-fiction and it's definitely not a memoir."

What has become
of her advance? With just an hour-long show to contend with, is she really too busy to write the book, particularly since there would be heavy input (if not outright ghost writing) from Obamist editor Rachel Clayman?

Since Maddow is so quick to find fault with just about anyone on the right, a bit of scrutiny regarding her own dealings shouldn't bother her too much.

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  • This is the best you can do, wingnuts? Hilarious.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 February, 2010 19:10  

  • I despise Rachel Maddow, but I don't think attacking her payments for the use of her old shows is appropriate. There is a thing in this country called royalties or residuals where a celebrity continues to receive payments every time their work is re-aired. There is nothing illegal or immoral about it. If the management of Air America was not being forthcoming about the fact that the shows were being rebroadcast, that is a failing on their part, not Maddows, as she had already cut her ties to them.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 February, 2010 21:20  

  • It's highlighted here as a bad business decision, one symbolic of the way Air America was run into the ground.

    But there's certainly an amusing parallel between this and no-show government jobs created in the name of "stimulus".

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 03 February, 2010 22:09  

  • Royalties for that show should have been pennies per day. Popular TV show actors get checks for a few bucks or even less when their shows get re-aired.

    By Blogger United Citizens Council, at 03 February, 2010 23:56  

  • Rachel Maddow got $70k for an audio version of TV show, that's just another reason I have said Maddow is a lazy host. She does'nt seem to have gotten anything she has on merit, but she has people who enable her every step of the way. I want to know what anyone sees in her that would lead them to believe she can be a success in broadcasting. She failed at talk radio, & she is failing on TV, so what makes her the "it" girl? I don't get it, & neither does the rest of America. She is beyond repair as a host, & her bosses should see that by now.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 04 February, 2010 02:07  

  • Lib’s do not understand getting paid for doing nothing in normal for them. But like you said AA made the decision to pay her that much for crap that’s why they are out of business. Sal lave

    Lib’s are still blaming the right for their down fall. What a bunch of losers.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 February, 2010 04:18  

  • I'm not quest understanding what your complaining about? What's the point? Are you saying it's bad that Maddow got $70K for the year for having her show broadcast on the radio? That seems like pretty small potatoes... $70K? Limbaugh makes that much PER HOUR.

    By Anonymous Jonny, at 05 February, 2010 17:19  

  • Hey Jonny, Limbaugh earns his money. Maddow is an affirmative action hire, based on her performance & her ratings, she is at best a featured guest or a weekend host. But since MSNBC does'nt have weekend news programming...

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 05 February, 2010 18:21  

  • solution for the cancer of conservatism


    By Anonymous exterminate wingnuts, at 08 February, 2010 13:57  

  • Typical leftist, just kill all who oppose your political view. Just like other leftists like Mao, Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, PolPot, & I could list more. Keep this in mind, the 1st 2 amendments are still in play in America today. We on the right are here, & we ain't going away, so get used to it.

    BTW, next November is gonna suck for you, get ready to be teabagged by the teabaggers. Lots of Dems are going down in flames, & I can't wait.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 09 February, 2010 19:39  

  • AAR is dead. What else needs to be said?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 February, 2010 21:51  

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