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24 November 2010

Bush Book's Success Brings Libtalk Rage


Brisk Bush Memoir Sales Inspire Libtalk Hate

Nothing frustrates our lefty friends more than the idea that not everyone hates George W Bush the way they do. And with brisk sales of the former president's new memoir, Decision Points, wounds that never quite healed have reappeared bigger than ever.

How's an unhinged "progressive" to deal with a resurgent Bush? There aren't many good options, leaving critics to nitpick the book's contents.

Like a time-honored Thanksgiving recipe, libtalker Randi Rhodes adds equal parts hate, slander and innuendo to the mix. Why stop with George when mother Barbara can be smeared as well?

Listen as she compares Bush with infamous Psycho hacker Norman Bates:

RANDI RHODES (22:11): Do facts and accuracy mean anything to anybody in this family? No! No they don't! So George remembers wrong when he actually goes over this story with his mother and gets her permission to put it in the book - and I mean he wanted to show how close he is - I hadn't seen a relationship this close since Norman Bates and his mother, this is kind of creepy I gotta say!

And now they are lying about the stupid fetus in a jar story - so when he actually remembers the story and asks his mother if he can put it in the book, he remembers being scared by something, apparently he associated it with his mother, who now goes on Larry King to say what he wrote is in the book was inaccurate! Paula, the housekeeper, put the fetus in the jar!

As mother Barbara admits her own memories of the incident are a bit fuzzy, wouldn't it be reasonable to give them the benefit of the doubt? Otherwise, this comes across as especially petty, even for the likes of Rhodes.


  • The only thing I ask of Randi Rhodes is to stay sober & not fall flat on her face. That & avoid being "assulted" by Hannity listeners.

    Happy Thanksgiving, you angry lush!

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 25 November, 2010 07:52  

  • They are so emotionally invested in their hate that they fail to realize the publicity they bring to the book by recognizing it in any way. GW probably relishes the extra sales they engender.

    By Anonymous Sarah Wisterman, at 26 November, 2010 12:24  

  • "Burrp...uh, Bush suucksss...BURRPP!"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 November, 2010 13:22  

  • Simply an opinion, but Randi Rhodes has elevated lying into an art form! I wonder how much of her $$ she pays to the Estate of Randy Rhodes the guitarist for the use of his name, or how much she sends to Rusty Warren every Friday she plays that song without a nod to the songwriter/singer! Of course, let's not forget her own NUMEROUS indiscretions and her own family that she puts down incessantly - Toxic Talk indeed!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 November, 2010 18:53  

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