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05 October 2011

Sharpton Show: Bill O'Reilly Wants To 'Lynch Michelle Obama'


Sharpton Provides Free Pass For Known Falsehood

Though it isn't a host's responsibility to straighten out every falsehood or misstatement made by callers, some lies are so brazen and incendiary that a talker's silence can be disturbing, to the point of promoting slander or even violence.

Today's example comes from Al Sharpton's Keeping It Real radio program, where a listener made a blatantly untrue accusation against Bill O'Reilly based on a decidedly poor choice of words the latter uttered in 2008.

Since it grew into a major media flap at the time, Sharpton should KNOW Bill O'Reilly's use of "lynching party" was part of a lengthy defense of Michelle Obama (made more than clear when listening to the audio). Yes, he could have picked a better phrase, but it was obviously an unfortunate accident.

Yet here, Sharpton and guest are perfectly happy allowing a caller to claim the Fox News Channel host wants to "lynch" the first lady:

LAMAR IN LOS ANGELES: Now, you know something, if you go to YouTube and put in "Bill O’Reilly" and then put "lynch Michele Obama", you’ll get him [Bill O’Reilly] saying that he’s going to lead a lynching party against Michele Obama. So this is way back two years ago. They have a long history of this. Now let me say something about here in LA.

We have a you know as soon as things don’t go right with the Republicans in other words. They can’t figure out who’s their leading candidate. They become more racist and more vicious. Here in L.A. they have on our local radio station, which are all owned by the conservatives, we have ah Ken and John who are just unleashing hate against the local Hispanic community and guess what, they are the majority.

They are the majority and you hear this stuff in English in Los Angeles. These people are inciting white people against the majority of people here in California and no one tells them listen, there are rules here, you can’t insult whole groups of people, but they don’t care about that. They don’t since we deregulated the radio you can say anything you can incite riots and here you are inciting a riot with the majority of people here in this city and you think you’re going to get away with it. So, I’m just saying here in L.A. it’s nice and rainy so we don’t have any reaction. But one day people are going to respond to this from Ken and John, John and Ken on one these, one of the four talks show hosts pardon me talk shows which are nothing but conservative talk show hosts and channels.

DAVID A WILSON (GUEST): Well, you know it’s it’s it’s it’s sort of seems to be par for course ah when it comes to conservative talk.

SHARPTON: And and ah thank you for your call. And and it’s a it’s a national thing. It’s not just LA or New York. Everywhere it seems like they’re all have gone way beyond the bounds of where you should be going. Let’s go to Birmingham Alabama to Anita, Anita you’re keeping it real with Al Sharpton.

Funny enough, the discussion then turns to "irresponsible" conservative talk just after Sharpton radio's own reckless, irresponsible commentary. All in a day's work at libtalk's smear factory.


  • To me, oversensitivity to mere words is a weakness.

    By Anonymous Steven Calimbino, at 06 October, 2011 12:31  

    Bill O’Reilly Slams Laura Ingraham over Michelle Obama

    By Blogger StewartIII, at 06 October, 2011 17:52  

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