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07 December 2011

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee's Bizarre Iran Hostage - Bush Tax Cuts Comparison


Some Cards Are Missing From This Dem's Deck

We'd generally like to believe we've heard it all, but on occasion new ground is broken in partisan kookery. For expanding the threshold of political nuttiness today we'd like to thank Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

We could do an in-depth analysis of her rhetorical tactics, but the absurdity here speaks for itself. Next stop: head examination.

Watch below as Jackson Lee compares Bush tax cuts to 1979's Iran hostage crisis during yesterday's Ed Schultz radio program:

SHEILA JACKSON LEE (04:06): We saw what happened when Iran took hostages in 1979. A president lost his re-election. The prestige of the United States was challenged.

I am not going to be taken hostage again to extend the Bush tax cuts when every economist says that it's absolutely absurd forever and points to the fact that no jobs are necessarily created by extending the Bush tax cuts, at least on the top one percent of Americans, and when the opt one percent population polled have said that they have no problem with losing that ludicrous benefit forever and ever.

And then, when everyone understands the question of mutual sacrifice, benefit and sacrifice, with all of our soldiers coming home we're now going to talk about being held hostage to the Bush tax cuts forever.

Nope, nothing more needs to be said! We're speechless.


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