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15 June 2012

Geraldo Rivera: Romney's A Racist


Rivera: It's OK To Overlook Obama's Failures

With a breathtakingly-obnoxious presentation, floundering libtalker Geraldo Rivera has found a way to chase off any remaining listeners. If he could bottle this on-air audience repellent, it could prove especially useful for summer campers.

Coming just months after he implored Romney to "admit he's Mexican", WABC's Designated Station-Killer was at it again yesterday with a ridiculous Mitt The Racist smear.

As the one-time Gerald Riviera fancies himself the last word on such matters, who are we to argue?

It's an easy way to excuse Obama's many failures: his opponent's a bigot!

From yesterday's radio show:

ERIC BOLLING (GUEST, FOX NEWS CHANNEL) (24:22): Aren't Latinos historically very, very religious?


BOLLING: Aren't they historically very, and by the way, isn't the Latino unemployment rate pushing 11 percent also?

GERALDO: It's pretty high.

BOLLING: Yeah. So why, you're Latino, why would you vote for President Obama if in your community there's 11 percent unemployment? He's clearly not doing anything ...

GERALDO: Because you vote for the other guy and the other guy wouldn't even let you in his apartment.


GERALDO (26:20): I believe that immigration has been so hyped by the media and by cable news that now people would rather live next door to a child molester than an illegal alien.

And here's his earlier "Mitt The Mexican" rant:

If it seems like we're picking on Geraldo a lot, it's because we are. He deserves it.


  • Why is being a Mexican a "smear." Dude's father moved to MEX to be a missionary. Chill out and move to the 21st century.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 June, 2012 00:51  

  • Thank God for remote controls. As soon as Geraldo's face appears a new channel always appears on my TV. Strange that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 June, 2012 08:14  

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