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13 January 2005

Teddy Talks Values- America Laughs

Get a load of Ted Kennedy lecturing John Kerry on values and how they should have been a stronger part of the latter's campaign.

That's right, Teddy Kennedy talking values. What's the value of a human life, Senator?

(Boston Herald)

WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward Kennedy offered a mild dig at fellow Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign Wednesday, saying Democrats should have done a better job talking about values.
While Kennedy said it is too easy to blame the loss on a particular issue or tactic, Democrats do need to ``do a better job of looking within ourselves and speaking out for the principles we believe in.''
``We were remiss in not talking more directly about them - about the fundamental ideals that guide our progressive policies,'' he said. He added that Kerry's loss also showed that Democrats must communicate better with voters on issues of deep conscience, including abortion, without yielding the party's support for a woman's right to choose.


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