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12 January 2005

ReVote Washington Rally in Olympia Gets Big Turnout!

It doesn't matter how much evidence of fraud or King County incompetence emerges from the aftermath of November's stolen Washington State Gubernatorial election, legislative Democrats are stubbornly clinging to Christine O. Gregoire.

It's so much like what Putin and his shadowy KGB pals did in Russia until they could no longer conceal the fraud that brought their puppet in Ukraine to power.

Just as Putin's regional and global stature took a big hit as more revelations were made public, Gregoire and the Democrats in Washington are alienating large groups of voters through their sleaziness.

On KING-5 TV's website, there is an Internet poll being taken, asking voters who they would choose if a new election were held. At last glace, Republican Dino Rossi was ahead by miles, with thousands participating. KING-5 is part of the liberal Seattle media establishment, so it's not typical to see their polls skew toward conservatives stances or candidates.

There was clearly a large turnout for the ReVote Rally, and a smaller number of pro-corruption Seattle Democrat counterdemonstrators:

(KING-5 Seattle)


An unidentified protester was among many who showed up in Olympia Tuesday calling for a new election to be held in the governor's race.

Cries of "revote" and "revote or revolt" rang out as lawmakers inside the Capitol debated a GOP motion -- later defeated -- to delay certification of the governor's election for two weeks while the courts and lawmakers deal with reports of voting irregularities.

A similar move by Senate Republicans failed by a single vote on Monday, the opening day of the new 15-week legislative session.

The pro-revote crowd was decked out in orange attire popularized by protesters in Ukraine. One speaker after another demanded a revote of Gregoire's ultra-close contest with Republican Dino Rossi.

And of course, the corrupticrats:


Demonstrator for and against the certification of Christine Gregoire as the state's next governor showed up on the Capitol lawn Tuesday as debate went on inside.


  • Hi Brian--this "election" is just unreal. Did the military votes ever get counted? and is the "dead people voting" a story up there? I haven't been following this as closely as I should have. I hope you all get to have a new election...soon.
    Take care!

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 12 January, 2005 22:44  

  • Rich, thanks, many military ballots were not counted because overseas troops didn't receive them at all or they arrived too late to be counted because the state mailed them too late. In fact, the Feds were hot on the tail of Washington State for being so slow sending them out. There is an article in my archives which spells it all out.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 12 January, 2005 23:46  

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