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09 March 2005

Boston Globe Uses Mormon-Baiting to Attack Gov. Romney

This Weekly Standard Online piece by Dean Barnett is superb, in that it spells out in detail how the Boston Globe is resorting to gutter-level Mormon-bashing, in an effort to undermine Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

It's one of the best documented critiques of media bias I've come across recently:

(Dean Barnett- Weekly Standard)

LAST THURSDAY the Boston Globe published an editorial regarding Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. It was, not surprisingly, far from complimentary: Romney is a conservative Republican and the Globe's opinion pages, are, in the words of their own ombudsperson Christine Chinlund, "liberal leaning." The editorial took issue with Romney's stance against gay marriage. In its course, the editorial offered this seeming non-sequitur regarding Romney's position: "It is the kind of thinking that had some people attacking Romney on the basis of his religion (Romney is a Mormon) in his 1994 Senate bid--something this page deplored."

For Bay Staters with long memories, the Globe's assertion that it had deplored the rampant Mormon baiting of the 1994 campaign was jarring and audaciously at odds with the facts.


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