The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

17 March 2005

Follow-Up Time

AOL: Your Instant Messages Are Safe From Us!

After hundreds of bloggers, Internet sites including Drudge, as well as some bloke called
The Radio Equalizer, revealed America Online's instant message policy, indicating they could potentially use text from online conversations for corporate purposes, AOL went on a PR offensive.

How concerned was the company? Even yours truly got a personal email from AOL's corporate spokesman:

Brian --
Thought you might be interested in seeing the updated and clarified AIM Terms of Service -- same policy, but hopefully much clearer. The note at top also helps explain the clarification to users.

AIM Terms of Service

Hopefully this addresses your concerns. Let me know if you have any questions.

-- Andrew

Andrew Weinstein
Spokesman, America Online

Does this settle the issue of personal privacy and instant messages? Stay tuned.

Deserter Gets Peacenik Award

A Boston Herald story I covered here is updated by our good friends at New England Republican. Check it out here, he reveals who really deserves the recognition.

Speaking of Awards

I've been nominated for a major journalism award. It's very unusual for a radio talk host to be considered for this, much less a known conservative. A couple of the judges work for a paper I've long criticized. Overall, I'd say my chances of winning are between slim and none. However, the nomination itself was quite a pleasant surprise.

Radio Equalizer Notes

A big difference between talk radio and blogging, is that with the latter, I can tell specifically which topics you like best, by the readership counts. I have a Site Meter counter and a referral counter in the right hand corner (this part is available for you to see on each page).

My stated mission is to cover the Northwest (WA, BC, OR) and Northeast (MA, RI, NH, ME, CT, VT) corners of the country, opposite ends of I-90 that have more in common than you'd think. Additionally I write about national and global politics as the need arises.

However, the occasional pieces I've written about talk radio have shown a readership interest up to 10 times that of other issues. The Sean Hannity and Air America essays had amazing totals. Several web sites linked to them just today. So, I get the message: more radio talk. And I will probably update these soon as well.

There's no registration required to post messages below the articles, so feel free, on this advertiser-supported site. Thanks!

Thanks to Orbusmax, Cape Cod Today, RadioDailyNews, Rosenblog, Michelle Malkin, Coffee With Cranky Beach, GOPBloggers, SoundPolitics, The Urbane R, MassRight, New England Republican, UNCoRRELATED, mASS BACKWARDS, roywa, Museum of Left Wing Lunacy, Blogs Against Hillary, Blogs For Condi, Considerettes, The Flag of the World, Air America Listen, Josef's Public Journal, Weekend Pundit, Jim Miller on Politics, Urban Grounds, This is Rich, Clark County Politics, War Historian, Doug Petch, Mover Mike, Sunbreak City, CamEdwards and all the other sites I'll be kicking myself later for forgetting to mention.

Thanks to all of you for your recent support, mentions and links to the Radio Equalizer.


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