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13 March 2005

Home Depot, Lowes Backing Racist Hate Group

Now we see where the corporate "diversity" bandwagon can go when taken to the extreme: the Home Depot and Lowes home improvement store chains are now both supporting racist hate group La Raza (The Race). Lowes takes it further, adding fringe radical activist organization League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to their list.

La Raza
, along with various extremist AZTLAN groups, often advocate not only Hispanic ethnic and cultural supremacy, but a violent revolutionary takeover of western American states for Mexico. They are commonly found on college campuses across America, including where I attended, UC-Santa Cruz.

As a college student, I was alarmed by the rhetoric coming from these groups and they have only grown since. I saw them strongarm the university into their constant demands, under threat of labeling the campus "racist".

They were also able to silence any potential critics with the same tactic.

It's an example of how hate spreads from our universities and colleges and into the corporate sector, as graduates move into these fields and political correctness expands throughout our society.

A tip to FreeRepublic, where a discussion can be found on this issue here.


  • Wow, I ran into this mentality when I was at fort Bliss in El Paso TX. (training) in 1988.
    I always figured it was just some wacky local movement that would never amount to anything.
    This needs to be in the public eye.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 March, 2005 17:55  

  • That's around the same time I was crossing paths with them in California.

    They're dangerous and obviously becoming powerful. They outright promote illegal immigration.

    The FBI and Homeland Security need to keep closer tabs on them.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 14 March, 2005 19:14  

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