The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

08 March 2005

MA: What Does "TD" Stand For?

The next time you hear Canadians complaining about American cultural and political imperialism, mention this little tidbit: Boston's FleetCenter will be known as "TD Banknorth Garden" on July 1.

What do you imagine "TD" stands for? How about Toronto-Dominion Bank!

Would Ontario residents sit back and allow the CN Tower to renamed "Boston Baked Beans Center" or "American-Empire House"?

Not only will a foreign city's name be placed in a prominent Boston location, but what exactly do you think "Dominion" means?

The Dominion of Canada, that is, loyal to the Queen of England!

Can you pay for tickets to games with loonies? Will the RCMP be in charge of security? Will Bud make way for Molson brews inside? Will the Maple Leafs become the home team?

Will Beacon Hill take orders directly from Ottawa?

Was the tea party all for naught? Maybe Boston's Democrats want to bring Canada here, if they can't go there.

(Boston Herald)

First a name change. Now a makeover.
The home of the Boston Celtics and Bruins is hoping to wow fans with plans to spend millions on jazzed up entryways, concourses and exits, the arena's chief executive told the Herald yesterday.
The move comes with the FleetCenter set to become the TD Banknorth Garden on July 1 as part of a $150 million-plus naming-rights deal with the Toronto-based bank.
Overall, arena, bank and team executives will pump as much as $8 million into an array of upgrades that will likely begin construction this summer - just as the TD Banknorth Garden name is hoisted into place.


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