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21 April 2005

AZ Legislator Denounces Talk Show Host

Lawbreaker Hannity?

Legislator, ACLU Demand Arrest For Border 'Incident'

ACLU spies think they've caught talk show host Sean Hannity breaking the law and are insisting he face arrest!

After Hannity visited the Arizona border region to monitor the Minuteman Project and interview volunteers, border security opponents ambushed him, seizing the opportunity to make a public stink.

To fight for their dubious cause, they've enlisted Arizona State Representative Kyrsten Sinema (D-Phoenix), a radical Arizona State University professor notorious for extreme views on illegal aliens and other leftist causes.

As KFYI radio in Phoenix reports, "Phoenix Democratic Representative Kyrsten Sinema sent out a news release saying ACLU volunteers video recorded 550 KFYI's Sean Hannity climbing under a fence at the U.S. - Mexico border when he was on hand to observe and talk with the Minutemen."

Radio and Records, an industry trade publication, has these further details:

Arizona State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema has charged the U.S. Border Patrol with having a double standard when it comes to prosecuting individuals who cross the U.S. border with Mexico illegally. During a visit this week to the Mexico-U.S. border, the ABC Radio Networks syndicated talker and Fox News personality stepped over a fence into Mexico and moments later stepped back over into the U.S. Sinema charges that action means Hannity broke U.S. law by “reentering the U.S. illegally” and that although the Border Patrol saw Hannity’s action agents took no steps against him or made any attempt to arrest him. Hannity was in Arizona this week to highlight the crisis of illegal immigration between the U.S. and Mexico.

Dennis Durband of The Arizona Conservative has an excellent account of Sinema's background of radicalism here:

For starters, Sinema supports the creation of day laborer centers in Arizona, requiring taxpayers to educate and train illegal aliens. She is endorsing law breaking and requiring taxpayers to subsidize it.

Sinema also recommends giving driver’s licenses to “undocumented residents.” Drivers licenses for illegals increase the risk of home invasions and terrorism by allowing illegal aliens to blend into American society and qualify for services that their own respective governments should provide. Illegals are costing Arizona taxpayers $1.3 billion a year.

An adjunct professor in social work at Arizona State University, Sinema opposes the Protect Arizona Now proposition and claims it is unconstitutional and there is no evidence of voter fraud in Arizona.

Taking a look at the slew of bills Sinema has sponsored in her short time in the chamber, it reads like a socialist manifesto.

Hannity is angrily denouncing the ACLU's and Sinema's actions today, demanding she retract her press release, found here. His discussion board has comments here. The blogosphere hasn't quite jumped on this yet.

Obviously this is a silly stunt, likely to backfire, for the upstart Sinema's political career. Keep in mind, her supporters don't want illegals to face arrest at the border, but they're upset Hannity wasn't hauled off to jail.

It smells like an intimidation campaign designed to keep border security proponents at bay. So far, they've been unable to stop the Minuteman Project, it's probable they're in a state of desperation now.

Instead all they're likely to do is give Hannity a great deal of publicity in the next couple of days.

: Larry Shannon at thinks I'm being had, that this is just a Hannity publicity stunt that I got sucked into. What do you think?

: Perry Simon of All Access, another entertainment industry trade, has his own report (excerpted here):

SEAN HANNITY ... illegal immigrant? The ABC RADIO syndicated host's visit to the civilian volunteer border-patrolling MINUTEMAN PROJECT, included the host's illegally climbing over a barbed-wire fence and then climbing back into the U.S., and a liberal ARIZONA legislator thinks he should be prosecuted.

State Rep. KYRSTEN SINEMA (D-Phoenix) insists that "(t)his is the very same crime that MINUTEMEN have traveled across the country to ARIZONA to stop ... he committed the same crime that all individuals who enter the country illegally commit."

SINEMA claims that the BORDER PATROL and MINUTEMAN PROJECT are operating under a "double standard" with "one set of rules for television celebrities, and another for hard-working people who cross the border in search of work."

Update: it slipped my mind until now that the head of the Arizona ACLU, Eleanor Eisenberg, is one of the radical socialists I used to tangle with in Santa Cruz. Eisenberg was part of the horrible Santa Cruz Action Network, a political movement founded in part by Tom Hayden, that has controlled local politics there since 1981. Once, as a gag they didn't find amusing, I joined the group and voted at their meetings.

In the late nineties, there was an exodus of some of the more notorious SCAN members to Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, so they could take more high-profile positions running left-wing political organizations and nonprofit advocacy groups. They are exceptionally dangerous radicals trained in one of California's great hotbeds of fringe politics.

Also, Google's Blogger has been down for many hours, just returning now, meaning many people couldn't leave comments here. Feel free to try again now if you like.

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  • Bob Simon on 60 Minutes Wednesday did the same thing last night.

    Where's the outcry?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 April, 2005 14:56  

  • I don't "know" whether it is "true" or not, but given the ACLU's track record, it is a perfectly believable story.

    Zami :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 April, 2005 14:58  

  • Doesn't appear to me that you're being had... even Hannity's site has the press release.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 April, 2005 15:18  

  • about a stupid issue.

    By Blogger norman.miller, at 21 April, 2005 15:20  

  • First off, in the segment in question which I saw, Hannity did not go under the fence or over the fence, he went through a gaping hole in the fence!

    And there are two factors here that the Arizona legislator conveniently ignored: the fence is wholly on the U.S. territory plus there is an additional three foot wide buffer zone before Mexican territory. Hannity stayed very close to the fence.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 April, 2005 15:24  

  • What's the big deal. Up at Peace Arch Park between the US & Canada in Blaine Washington, people are always crossing the border and back. It's fun to have the "left" side of you in Canada, and the "right" side of you in the US. I've done it hundreds of times.

    You can park in the US, walk across the border and have a picnic, then come back to your car. Just end up in the country where you started.

    This whole thing is silly!

    Libertarian Larry

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 April, 2005 21:26  

  • Anon, thanks for the CBS link, that's what I was looking for. Several people, including WRKO/Boston's Mike Elder, wrote to tell me about the 60 Minutes II report from last night.

    Libertarian Larry, thanks for reminding me of the Peace Arch park, where in fact you can cross the border all you like (but you can't use it to escape to the other country).

    I prefer to use the Blaine Truck Crossing, rather than the Peace Arch, a local secret with much lighter car traffic. It can save an hour or more at times.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 21 April, 2005 21:45  

  • Having been far too close to Santa Cruz for the last 10 years (and itching to escape), I think that the legislator in Arizona sounds like she was trained here.

    Friends of mine who have been in the area for 30+ years no longer refer to the Santa Cruz politicians as socialists -- they prefer to call them communists, and consider the lesser term a euphemism.

    As another writer pointed out, crossing the fence didn't amount to crossing the border. The various pols who have elected to have state police in California, Arizona, and other states *not* cooperate with the INS ought to be horsewhipped. Our citizenship is being deflated like a baloon. Between this and the anti-gun folks, it won't be long before freedom here is no more than a memory.

    By Blogger Bill, at 22 April, 2005 01:40  

  • Appreciate you reporting this! Found you through Michelle Malkin of course. I will inform my readers and send a trackback. I think you would appreciat my site too. Stop The ACLU Blog

    By Blogger loboinok, at 23 April, 2005 20:36  

  • The ACLU will go after a conservative or real American heroes, when they are not smokin dope. It is unlikely that our liberal President will have any of his ACLU supporters jailed for pot smoking.
    Rod Stanton

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 April, 2005 05:37  

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