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17 April 2005

When Will Liberals Collapse?

Canadian Conservatives Waiting

More Demanding New Elections, Now

Watching Thursday's House Of Commons coverage from Ottawa, which has been shown on C-SPAN repeatedly since, reminds me of the atmosphere in the days just before Britain's Conservatives fell to Tony Blair's (New) Labour Party.

Tension, difficulty maintaining parliamentary order amid the noise and a ruling party constantly on the defensive, have been present in both circumstances.

But Blair's Labour Party never had sleaze on this level with which to generate momentum. Tories had scandals, sure, but mostly they were tired and stale, after too many years in power. There's an element of that in today's Canadian Liberals.

Paul Martin and his ministers took turns making excuses for why they should remain in power, while Conservatives, led by potential future Prime Minister Stephan Harper, continued to pound away on ADSCAM, or the Sponsorship Scandal, that threatens their minority government.

It's hard to imagine Canadians are buying the foolishness that it would be prudent to wait for more details of the Gomery Commission to emerge. They've heard enough about the blatant corruption that led to taxpayer dollars, millions of them, finding their way into party coffers. It's hard to imagine that Martin extended his party's rule even one extra day with this weak performance.

Isn't it convenient for Martin that Gomery won't be released until November?

Meanwhile Brent Colbert, one of the Canadian bloggers we've been turning to for unfolding details, is now reporting from Ottawa. His dispatches can be found here. Watch closely in coming days for big developments.


  • Brian - What ever happened to that sniveling whine-ass Al Franken-stein and his Err-Amerikkka propaganda machine? Are they still running off the good graces of filthy-rich fellow socialists in the entertainment industry or gov't subsidy, or did the whole thing finally implode from the utter black hole void of truth at it's center?

    By Blogger Galt-in-Da-Box, at 17 April, 2005 19:37  

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