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14 April 2005

Boston's WHDH-TV Omits Key Fact

Illegal Nearly Kills Officer
Seventeen-Year-Old Has No License

Making headlines in Boston today is the serious condition of a Salem, Mass., police officer who was struck and nearly killed by a 17-year-old illegal alien, in nearby Peabody (say pea-buh-dee).

Officer Michael Shea was working a utility crew detail (a strange, unique-to-Massachusetts quirk where police officers are required to direct traffic), when he was hit by the unlicensed Brazillian girl, now living in Peabody.

While WRKO radio news is reporting that Leila Lopes is an illegal alien, especially liberal WHDH-TV has left this key fact out of news reports so far, in the AP copy from its website.

Can't wait to see the Boston Globe label her as "undocumented" in tomorrow's paper.

(AP via WHDH-TV 7- Boston- 14 April 2005)

PEABODY (AP) -- A Salem police officer working a traffic detail in Peabody was seriously injured when he was struck by a car driven by a teenager who did not have a drivers license, authorities said.

Police said the driver, Leila Lopes, 17, a native of Brazil living in Peabody, was arrested at the scene. Lopes was to be arraigned Thursday in Peabody District Court on charges including driving to endanger and driving without a license.


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