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10 April 2005

Disgraced Cardinal Law To Lead Special Mass

Vatican Squanders Goodwill

Will They Ever Learn?

Only now is the American Roman Catholic Church ever-so-slightly beginning to recover from horrible sex abuse scandals involving clergy. Has every Catholic priest in America raped young boys? That's what the media would have the public believe.

One would think the Vatican might try to repair the damage done to its image, particularly in the US.

Instead, they've made it clear that no matter how badly children were damaged by perverted priests, it would rather slap victims in the face.

How? By allowing criminal Cardinal Bernard Law, former Boston Archdiocese head who actively covered up the sex abuse scandals, to lead a special Vatican mass Monday for the departed Pope.

Instantly, weeks of global goodwill and positive publicity go down the drain, as the new focus turns back to child rapists.

In Boston, parishoners are noisy and organized these days. Archbishop Sean O' Malley has worked to improve things since Law's departure, but it's all down the drain with this new Vatican atrocity.

(BBC- 9 April 2005)

Cardinal Bernard Law
Cardinal Law apologised for "decisions which led to suffering" (AP Photo)
A support group for sexual abuse victims has condemned
a decision by the Vatican to choose Cardinal Bernard Law
to lead a Mass for Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Law resigned as Archbishop of Boston in 2002 following accusations that he covered up sexual abuse of
children by priests.

Members of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by
Priests are flying to Rome to protest at Monday's service.

Cardinal Law is scheduled to lead one of nine memorial Masses in Rome.


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