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16 April 2005

Keeps Ya Busy

Blog Fun

--- Guest blogger Jarhead has a musn't-miss message for parents at Georgia's Red State Rant. Keep a tissue handy.

--- Slant Point: Mayor Bloomberg takes a stand on non-citizen voting.

--- Michelle Malkin has an accounting of the recent ethics scandals involving journalists, including the big new one involving the Boston Globe. I'll have my own angle on it here soon.

--- Rat Bastard CEO has tales from the heart of modern marxism: Seattle's Fremont District in the stealth Canadian province of Washington.

--- Isn't It Rich has updates on the UN, Clinton and Ben Stein.

--- Jim Miller has the bad news for liberal newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times.

--- Weekend Pundit ponders the origin of a person's wealth.

--- Michael King has the latest on an interesting recall effort against Fulton County, GA Sheriff Myron Freeman at Ramblings' Journal.

--- Josef's Public Journal has information on another uncounted ballots scandal.

--- Monterey's Coffee With Cranky Beach has a cautionary tale about buying health insurance.

--- Mass Right's early word on the Mass. gubernatorial race.

--- Museum of Left Wing Lunacy reports that is going after a Dem congressman for not being liberal enough!

As always, don't miss the latest news from Orbusmax and Cape Cod Today. For Seattle radio news try BlatherWatch. For national radio developments, it's RadioDailyNews.


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