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15 April 2005

Countering Liberal Radio Hype Machine

Liberal Talk Loses One
Georgia Station Says Ratings 'Dismal'

Normally, I wouldn't focus on smaller market talk radio lineup changes, but with the liberal hype machine endlessly going nuts with every tiny affiliate pickup, it's only fair to mention this:

WRCG-AM, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports, has cleaned house after a "dismal" recent ratings performance. While the fading Don Imus was part of the problem, in a key slot has been liberal kingpin Ed Schultz, often touted as the left's answer to Rush Limbaugh.

Especially interesting is that the mix of programming formerly featuring mumble talk in the mornings, liberal talk and sports, will shift to all conservative talk:

(Columbus Ledger-Enquirer- 14 April 2005- Mick Walsh)

Following on the heels of a dismal ratings book, Archway Broadcasting Group management has dumped Don Imus, Ed Schultz and its locally-produced sports show, "D.J. and Friends."

It's moving the long-running "Talkline" back to the mornings, bringing in syndicated talkers Joe Scarborough, Laura Ingraham, Lars Larson and Jerry Doyle, and creating a new morning news show.

About the only familiar voices you'll be hearing Monday are Robbie Watson, host of "Talkline;" Neal Boortz, though his show is moving to afternoons; and Paul Harvey.

"Wake-Up Call," featuring Watson and Matt Young, who occasionally fills in for Watson on her call-in show, will run each weekday morning from 6-8.

Staples will be local news, sports and weather.

The two-hour "Talkline" follows at 8.

Very interesting to note the silence of the liberal talk boosters on this one. At this hour, I see nothing about it from the usual suspects.


  • You mention the "fading" Don Imus show. Imus was recently removed from the lineup of one of the local stations here in MI. I've never understood why this show was as successful as it apparently became. Do you have any info on what's happening to the show currently? By the way, the Imus thing was replaced by the Dave and Laurel show, a show that focuses on news and events in the entire state of Michigan. Seems to be a format that people like to listen to in the morning.

    By Blogger Jim in MI, at 16 April, 2005 08:50  

  • What?? You mean to tell me that "meat-eating, gun-toting lefty" Schultz isn't drawing them in after all the free publicity he has been getting? I am shocked...SHOCKED!! The liberals' answer to Rush? Yeah, right.

    I would say liberals don't even know their own audience, but they don't even have one to begin with.

    By Blogger Brian, at 17 April, 2005 03:24  

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