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25 April 2005

Talk Host Again Unhappy

He's At It Again!

Reports: Michael Savage Again Tears Into Fox, Conservatives

"Aren't you just upset with Michael Savage for not always parroting the Republican party line?"

That's a sample of the responses received when I recently wrote about Michael Savage's on-air tirades against conservatives, including Fox News, Matt Drudge, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others.

I've never expected Savage to stay in synch with partisan talking points, he never has, I don't either, so that's not the issue. If the differences were on matters of principle, that would be fine and even interesting to hear.

Instead, Savage's recent beefs have been with those who won't put him on their shows. But why should they? When did he last invite any of them on his program?

Since they know it's all going to be about his book promotion anyway, what's in it for them?

It's amazing, because I've been monitoring him closely this past week and it seemed like his mood had improved sharply, along with so-far impressive book sales. He drifts too far off of the news topics these days, however, as though he's bored with them.

To be this angry, this soon after the book's well-received release, is troubling:

(All Access- Perry Simon- 25 April 2005)

TALK RADIO NETWORK's MICHAEL SAVAGE is complaining that he has been "banned" from FOX NEWS CHANNEL after calling BILL O'REILLY a "Leper-Con who poses as a conservative" and SEAN HANNITY a "Republican bootlicker" on his radio show, reports the NEW YORK POST's PAGE SIX.

SAVAGE says that the four appearances from which he's been recently bumped came because O'REILLY and HANNITY are "jealous of my audience and are trying to silence me because they do not want the competition." SAVAGE has a new book on the market; responding to the complaints from SAVAGE and others from CATHOLIC LEAGUE Pres. BILL DONOHUE, a FOX spokesman told the POST that "one (SAVAGE) is a well-known hater, and the other (DONOHUE) is a notorious publicity hound. We congratulate them on their successful attention-grabbing efforts."

(New York Post- Page Six- 25 April 2005)

April 25, 2005
-- RABID radio host Michael Savage is whining that he has been banned from the Fox News Channel after he dissed Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

The controversial conservative — who was fired by MSNBC in 2003 after referring to a caller to his show as "a sodomite" who should "get AIDS and die" — recently burned more bridges by calling O'Reilly a "Leper-Con who poses as a conservative" and Hannity "another Republican bootlicker who began as a Rush [Limbaugh] understudy" on his "Savage Nation" radio show.

Savage claims that he's been bumped off four scheduled appearances on Fox News Channel in the wake of his caustic comments.

What Savage doesn't mention, is that Fox and the other networks always overbook guests and bump liberally, as news breaks. Even major national figures sometimes get the shaft. He must know this by now.

If they really didn't want him on Fox News, they wouldn't book him in the first place.

Stay tuned for updates.


  • Hehe, I'm a sometimes-fan of Savage. Sometimes he's just nutty tho.

    But I gotta admit, while I'm a casual fan of Hannity and O'Reilly, he pretty well hit nail squarely on the head with those characterizations. O'Reilly does make a point of sitting right in the middle, and Hannity does often seem to be the RNC Election Campaign Bot. But we all have our roles to play, I suppose. I think they do both honestly believe in what they're doing.

    Anyway, interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

    By Blogger TallDave, at 25 April, 2005 22:55  

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