The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

22 April 2005

Huge Wave Crossing Border Are From Brazil

Illegals Are Illegals

Does Country Of Origin Matter?

The open borders crowd has long succeeded in winning the battle over immigration in America, by portraying opponents as racists, especially against Mexicans.

The truth is, of course, that Americans really object to unsecured borders for solid reasons that have nothing to do with ethnic background. Illegals are illegals, it doesn't matter from where they came.

It's probably true, however, that most Americans think of migrants as being from Mexico, but spend time in California and you'll quickly realize that many are actually from Central America and have less in common with people from Mexico, than you might think.

In the Northeast, especially Boston, Southeast Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, mention "illegals" and the country that's likely to come to mind is Brazil, not Mexico or El Salvador.

That's right, these illegals have arrived in New England to take comfort in the huge number of Portuguese-speaking people from Portugal, Cape (Cabo) Verde and previous Brazillian arrivals. There are Brazilian shops popping up in every town in the region.

I happen to like Brazil's culture very much, especially the music, which I listen to often. In college I studied Brazilian cultural anthropology and it was fascinating. But that doesn't matter. We can't allow our borders to be such an undefended joke. Illegals are illegals, period.

Besides, Brazilians can be of any ethnic identity, there are many dozens of different backgrounds in the country.

I'm willing to bet the odds are high that the enormous group of Brazilians just captured trying to cross from Mexico into Texas, were likely heading to the Boston area. To other Americans, however, it must have sounded like a strange story:

(KRGV-TV Texas- 21 April 2005)

Border Patrol agents arrest a baffling number of Brazilian illegal immigrant across the valley.

MCALLEN – Border Patrol agents called for backup today after arrested more than 100 Brazilian immigrants.

The agency did not have enough room to process the group, and said they were baffled by the numbers.

Authorities in McAllen sent some of the illegal immigrants to other offices to be fingerprinted and booked.

In just three hours, authorities arrested 147 Brazilians across Hidalgo County. Five different groups of Brazilian immigrants were caught Thursday, beginning at 9:30 a.m. near Los Ebanos. Busts followed near Sullivan City, La Joya, McCook and McAllen.

Agents do not yet know what caused the unusually heavy activity Thursday, but they it shows the success they are having as they secure the borders.


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