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24 April 2005

What $15,000 Will Buy

What's A Star Worth?

Seacrest On 'Walk Of Fame' Has Some Scratching Heads

Yes, a bit different than the usual found at the Radio Equalizer, but I couldn't help but wonder a few days ago, at the sight of Ryan Seacrest's Hollywood Walk of Fame star unveiling: huh?

I thought stars were reserved for screen legends, sitcom stars, that sort of thing. And much, much later in life, or even posthumously. Isn't a long, distinguished career necessary, before being considered for it?

Between his radio work and American Idol hosting, it's hard to make the case for where Seacrest has earned one yet, if ever.

By the way, that's one happy agent of his, sitting pretty, on Seattle's Alki Beach!

I'd forgotten all about this item, in the midst of things that matter in this world, until I stumbled upon a discussion about it here.

As it turns out, like Hollywood itself, the star's prestige has taken a mighty drop over the years. It doesn't take much more than money to get one now: $15,000, to be exact.

If the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce runs out of "stars" for its walk, there goes the budget, so standards had to be lowered over the years.

So now it's a simple matter of shelling out the money and sending tapes of performances for a committee to review. They refuse to reveal what percentage of applicants each year are approved. If you don't get it the first year, your application and fee roll over to the next.

At an interesting site called Reality Blurred, Andy Dehnart delves into the gory details.

Now back to real news.


  • Brian: Thanks for this item.

    I also wondered why the relatively young Seacrest was given a star. Seems only a very few years ago, he was hosting a pedestrian C-Net technology show on USA Network.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 April, 2005 11:53  

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