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01 May 2005

Senator Backs LA Mayoral Candidate

Does This Really Help?

John Kerry Enters Mayoral Fray

In a neck-and-neck mayoral race, fought on the liberal streets of Los Angeles, I suppose the endorsement of any prominent fellow Democrat would be welcomed with open arms.

But would you really want John Kerry campaigning on your behalf in Southern California?

That's who runoff candidate and former California State Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa spent his Saturday working the crowds with, hoping for it would provide a boost. It was a payback for his support of Kerry last year.

I wonder, is there a group of elitist snobs in LA, who haven't figured out who yet to support? Could Kerry actually motivate voters to go to the polls at this point?

Guess we'll find out on election day.

(AP Via Cape Cod Times- Michael R Blood- 1 May 2005)

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Repaying a political ally from his failed presidential bid, U.S. Sen. John Kerry on Saturday endorsed mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa in the race to lead the nation's second-largest city.

The 2004 Democratic presidential nominee said Villaraigosa had worked to put more police officers on the streets and provide health care for more residents.

"I'm not here against anybody," Kerry told hundreds of Villaraigosa supporters at Los Angeles Valley College. "I'm here for somebody who has a set of hopes and dreams."

Villaraigosa, a city councilman and one of Kerry's national campaign co-chairs last year, "will be a mayor for all the people of Los Angeles," the senator said.


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