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15 May 2005

Things To Check Out

Blogosphere's Best

--- Weekend Pundit examines the impact of Portsmouth once again being placed on the closure list. Has the clock finally run out on this historic naval shipyard? I hope not.

--- GOPBloggers has an action item on which senators need to be contacted this week.

--- Jim Miller says new WA Congressman Dave Reichert has good old fashioned manners.

--- Enlightenment Reactionary has another disturbing image from the dangerous MEChA thugs, who would like to overthrow the government and retake western states for Mexico.

--- Josef has a vomit alert here.

--- NWRepublican says King County broke WA state laws 16 times!

--- The impressive Blogs Against Hillary analyses Hillary's latest dodgy excuse-making regarding a circa-2000 fundraiser.

--- BizzyBlog is quickly becoming a must-read for original content not found elsewhere. The latest: why are the mainstream media's few conservatives so hostile toward bloggers? I wrote about this recently regarding Matt Drudge, Bizzy notes a number of additional examples.

--- Isn't It Rich's namesake hopes Minutemen return to the border soon! Rich has new weekend updates as well today.

--- Red State Rant has the latest from the NRA and a sick, anti-troops site.

--- New England Republican has a tribute to Senator Norm Coleman (R-Minn).

--- Mass Right says: meet the new boss.

--- At Wade's Rhode Island Slog 'n Bloggin', he wonders if Mary Mapes ever really left CBS.

--- Georgia's Considerettes delve into Harry Reid's dirty tricks.

--- Michael King has the latest on Mexican President Vicente Fox's racist remarks, goes after "Sheets" Byrd and exposes an unfair slam job on Bill Cosby, at Ramblings' Journal.

As always, for news from the Northwest and beyond, it's Orbusmax, from SE Mass and Cape Cod, it's Cape Cod Today and from the entertainment industry it's RadioDailyNews.


  • Vicente Fox's racist remarks denegrating Blacks, chronicled at Ramblings' Journal, is outrageous! We can only hope it can serve as a wake up call to those who haven't been paying much attention to the illegal alien problem. Maybe some of the PC politicians can stir up some righteous indignation resulting in stiffer border control.

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 15 May, 2005 21:04  

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