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10 May 2005

Unclear Whether Romney Will Seek Another Term

Romney Unsure

New Statement Contradicts Previous Assertions

After making it clear in December, he'd be running for a second term as Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney now says he isn't sure.

He's indicating that a firm decision will be made in the fall.

Republican Romney's had a tough time of it in Massachusetts, with an inability to push through reforms and a hostile Democratic legislature.

Polls haven't been going his way in recent months, after he embarked on what appeared to be a presidential test run, delivering speeches across the country that poked fun at the Bay State's liberal politics.

He's in a rough spot, because a second term doesn't look likely, at least not now, yet without it, he'd have a difficult time running for president in 2008.

(AP via Boston Herald- 10 May 2005)

BOSTON - Gov. Mitt Romney said Monday he hasn't decided whether to run for re-election next year, though he expects he will.
``I haven't made a final decision on my re-election campaign. I expect that's going to come out in the fall,'' Romney said, replying to a reporter's question before walking into a Statehouse meeting with legislative leaders.
Romney quickly added that he expects to run again.
``But I'd continue to expect a re-election effort under way,'' he said. ``I'm making plans for that to be the case. I keep on raising money.''
In a meeting with reporters in late December, Romney appeared to leave little doubt about his intention to run again.


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