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12 June 2005

Another Sad Attempt At Rhyming Words With 'Blog'

Weekend Blog Flog

Read These Or It's Twenty Lashes For You

--- Rick compares dislike for Clinton to others, at PowerPundit.

--- Speaking of punishment, in Mass. the issue is spanking, MassRight has the details.

--- Rich has advice for new grads.

--- At The Word Unheard, more on anonymous sources.

--- At Cape Cod Media Watch, a solid analysis of the coming SE Mass newspaper wars.

--- Soxblog: Return of the Kerry Brain!

--- Is the movie business really an earner? SunnyBlog has the story.

--- Why's Ron Reagan Jr. firing up the liberal blogosphere? Museum has it.

--- Bore America has a number of liberal talk radio items that compliment mine.

--- Michelle Malkin has done particularly good work today, writing about "pretty girl syndrome".

--- Blue State has a dispatch from the hopeless Bay Area. What in the world is Cal State East Bay? Is that where they ponder the meaning of the word "hella"? Talk about a campus with a built-in image problem, the name kills it from the start.

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In the Amazon link boxes this week, Ed Klein's sensational new book on the Clintons is rocketing up the best seller lists, also, Newt Gingrich's third volume in his Civil War trilogy is featured.

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