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16 June 2005

Blog Links For 16 June 2005

Blogs Of Note

--- Michelle Malkin has a better idea for commencement addresses: use the Jobs approach.

--- LaShawn takes on death culturists post-autopsy.

--- Viking Pundit: Hooters Air from a stolen business plan?

--- North Korea aiding Iran? Intelligence Watch has it.

--- Jim Miller has another reason not to trust newspapers and takes on the Seattle Weekly.

--- Cape Media Watch's Jack Coleman continues to apply pressure to the Cape Cod Times over the Cape Wind Project and political polling.

--- PoliBlog has the details of Hillary's SC straw poll win.

--- Matt thinks an opportunity was missed to teach the UN a lesson, at BlogsForBush.

--- Weekend Pundit, open seven days a week, tackles the myth of declining incomes.

--- Jennifer gets the last laugh, at UrbanGrounds.

--- How much did TV dads earn in their day? Somebody calculated it, Doug Petch has it.

--- New updates at Blogs For Condi.

--- RatBastardCEO sure knows how to make money!

--- RightFromLeft thinks W is finally getting tough with the Dems and wants to hear more.

--- RedStateRant concurs.

--- RhymesWithRight covers the controversy over a lynching resolution.

--- P Scott Cummins is doing an amazing job covering political turmoil in Uganda.

--- Tucker's ratings sink further, TVNewser has all of the cable numbers.

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  • Here is a link to a recommended blog. It is all about Republicans(Crooks and Liars)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 June, 2005 23:46  

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